I just purchased a modest Toshiba laptop to replace my five year old HP laptop. Being new to W10, I am not impressed with and do not trust the use of a PIN rather than a sophisticated password.

The USB reader I bought for the Toshiba is an Eikon using Authentec driver. I dislike the apparent limitation of Windows Hello to only associate the fingerprint reader with the PIN. But my real issue is that this prevents my using the FP reader to also open my password program.

On my HP laptop, I have this capability with SimplePass. I actually attempted to install HP's SimplePass on the Toshiba, but it would not install.

Unless I'm overlooking a way to do this with W10, I'm looking for a utility that will store password(s) for use by the FP reader both for logon and accessing, at the minimum, my password program.

I do not wish to change the password for my password program to the Hello PIN just to achieve the dual function.

Any enlightenment and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.