I have two accounts on my laptop: Bryan as admin and James as my local account which I use for my daily workings.
All my work is save to a different partition on the hard drive.

I now notice that if I go to C:\users, I have my admin account but there are two other user accounts James and James.lenovo15.

Originally I found James and James-2 user accounts so I moved the James-2 folders and files to my work partition (just so I didn't lose the info before deleting it). When I signed in again, I could only sign in as a "guest" using the James-2 password.

I have now spent a coupe of days deleting the user account under the User Accounts setting. Then deleting the James account in the only place it appears (C:\Users); and creating a new Local User account in the user accounts (using Bryan admin). However, I find that in C drive I still have two James users - James and James.lenovo15.

I think that when I just deleted the James account in C:\Users it must have left some residual elements somewhere and it recreated itself and the new local account which I names simply James was forced to add to the name .Lenovo15 to prevent conflicts.

Although I doesn't affect the running of the computer, having both users takes up considerable space. James user 4.7 gbs while the new James.lenovo15 has 1.7 gb.

Has anyone any idea how to resolve the matter?