Did a very smooth clean install of Win 10 Pro 32 bit thanks to Brinks tutorial(s). However...may have screwed it up a bit.

I backed up all user files/downloads/documents etc on the old Win 7 so I wouldn't loose anything that I needed to move to the new Win 10 install. However...even tho I backed up separate folders...I also backed up the W7 User folder.

Yep...I copied the Win 7 user folder to the new Win 10....so far I don't see any issues but was this a fatal mistake and should I do anything now to try and fix it.

Biggest glaring issue is I have 2 main user folders..."MaryAnn: which was the Win 7 user folder...and the new Win 10 user folder "pinky"...but they are the same actual user.

What's the best way to merge these two user folders into one (I assume the installed Win 10 user)....and what should I either NOT do and/or DO do to avoid any issues from here on ?