Hi all,
Good to be here.
Somehow I have managed to mess up my only UAC (the hidden one in Command Prompt. It does show up on the login page but Account name is "NewUsername", Username is "Brian-HP/NewUsername" and it asks for a password. Which I cant find or remember as it used to insert it automatically. What is worse is that I have no reset disk.

What would be the best route for me to follow here? I have a 1TB Seagate that can be used as a backup as all my work is in the notebook. I am using EmClient email client so I can back that up too. Is there a way I can back my files up, get Win 10 off my system, and re-install with UAC's that I can control again? I spent 1.5 hours with Microsoft Answer desk last night and they couldn't get it right. I have a HP 4530s - also loaded with Win 10 Pro (installed yesterday and seems to be fine.

I really would appreciate any help.

Many thanks,