hi all - my wife's small business uses Office365 and I'm about to upgrade their PCs to Win10. One of the expected benefits is that they'll be able to login using their O365 credentials, whereas at the moment everyone has a MSA (blah.blah@outlook.com) to login in the PC, and then has cached their O365 creds within. The problem is that the password expires on O365 so they end up with 2 accounts, different names and different passwords.

So, I tried an experiment on her home PC, which is already on Win10, by joining to Azure AD (as per Logging into Windows 10 Pro using Office 365 credentials - Windows 10 Forums) and she can log in using her O365 account (yay!) however it's a new user profile, so none of her existing preferences, history, favorites etc have been carried across (boo).

So now we have a MSA with cached O365 creds that she's been using to date, and an O365 account with the MSA as a secondary (in the hope that it will at least sync between the two), however that doesn't seem optimal.

Can anyone suggest a way of migrating the old settings, cookies, preferences etc from the old MSA account profile to the new O365 one? I'd rather not have to manually hack about in registry, copying over hidden folders & files etc, if I could avoid it...