I need some advice on setting up a user account. I had a problem with a HDD and the D: volume getting accidently deleted and turned into RAW disk without having a full backup of it. I have been using EaseUS Data Recovery to try and find the deleted data, but from what I have seen so far the process only seems to be able to recover the files, but not the entire structure of the drive and how the user accounts were created and organized. It rebuilds the directory, but only some of the files are intact. Others parts of it say they are corrupted when I try to open them. After that, there are some files which are just in random locations that most likely I will have to manually move back into the file structure at some point. I say at some point because the majority of files I use on a daily basis are synced with my OneDrive account, which is still intact and synced also to my notebook.
I started working with the support team from EaseUS, and they instructed me to run the software on a 64 bit PC and to call them back for a remote session if I still am having problems. Iím not sure how much the windows version or processor type really matters, but the machine with the problem drive is a 64 bit running Windows 10 Pro. The notebook I have been using to do the recovery is a 32 bit Windows 7. Switching to the Win 10 machine should at least make the program run faster.
The only Windows 10 pc I have is the one that had the problem, so Iím preparing a HDD that I had taken out of another machine when I upgraded the size of that drive. The operating system is on the C: drive, and the user accounts were all on the D: drive I had the problem with. The EaseUS support team seems to be pushing me towards eventually having to manually insert whatever files are recovered into a new user account.
I used one of the tutorials to move the users from the C: drive to the D: drive when I installed the OS, but I did it after installation so I believe there is still one user account in C:
What I want to do right now is install the newly formatted hard drive, and Iím not sure what is going to happen when I turn the computer on. And whether I should create a local account to start, or just use the Microsoft account I had before.