Hello everyone,

I am using Windows 10 (Build 10586.3). When I try to login with pin code, it takes long time then it didn't login. If I change the to settings ==> Lock Screen ==> and enable "show windows background picture on the sin-in screen" it works! I tried the following solution (which is posted in many websites) to get it fixed:
Setting ==> Account ==> Siagn-In Options
Push "I forgot Pin" ==> sign-in as requested, when requested to create new PIN, PRESS CANCEL
Then open File Explorer Navigate to: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Microsoft\NGC
must be logged in as an Administrator - Delete everything within that folder
Go to Settings-> Accounts->Sign-in Options
Click Add a PIN again and set your PIN

However, it works but when I restart the issue comes back agin. Any solution will be appreciated.