I've been messing with netplwiz and now Windows 10 creates a temporary User for 1 of my 3 User Names

I have 3 User Names: INTU1; INTU2 and EDUCATION.

What I mean, is that when I select INTU2, a new, temporary set of files is made in the Users folder on C drive, so I don't see my usual desktop with all my files, because of course, the desktop file, being newly created, has no files in it (or just a few).

How did I get to this? Well, in netplwiz I chose a User Name and chose Properties. Under Properties is a tab called "Group Membership". Originally all my Users Names were ticked off as "Other". Well, what I did was set all my User Names Group settings, simply to "Administrator". I think that simply set each User Name to "Administrator"" and that's all.

Anyway, in an attempt to put things back as they were I've gone and set all my User Names Groups back to what I think they were. Anyway, all my User Names are now set to 3 Groups that I think they were set to originally, which are "Administrators" "Users" & "HomeUsers". I can verify that all User Names are set with these 3 Groups.

So, why is it that when selecting INTU2, does Windows create a temporary set of files in the User folder, and not pointing to the original files in that folder?

I wonder if it's to do with a password issue. I may have set passwords in addition to what I've described above. Perhaps if I remove passwords things will go back to normal. I'll try it.

EDIT: No, User INTU2, now always leads to the creation of a temporary User Name. Maybe my only otion is to delete this User, then create a new User, and change the location of the desktop file. BECAUSE: MY DESKTOPS FILES ARE NOT ON C: in USERS FOLDER:. THEY ARE ALL ON A SEPARATE DATA PARTITION.