I would like help solving a mystery.
I set up a new Dell Optiplex 3020 which shipped with Windows 10 Pro.
I bypassed the option to set up the user with a Microsoft Account (The owner does not have a microsoft account and I did not create one at that time.) and set up a Local User Account, the owner's FirstName only, with no password for the owner of the computer.
I also set up a Technical User local administrator account with a password "just in case." (I am glad I did.)
I unchecked and turned off everything that had to do with the Cloud and sharing information with Microsoft.
I installed the software, antivirus etc. including Windows Live Mail with an account with the ISP which the owner needed on the computer. I registered the computer using the owner's first and last names as well a registering the antivirus software account. In this process I restarted the computer several times with no problems logging back in with the local user account.
The computer ran updates twice during the setup process.
The next day the login screen was showing the owner's full name with the non-microsoft account e-mail address requiring a password for login. Since the owner did not have a Microsoft account nor a Microsoft account password logging in was not possible.
I tried the e-mail password that was used in Windows Live Mail to log in and I tried no password at all. Neither one worked.
To solve the log-in problem I logged in to Windows with the Technical User local account and password. At the Microsoft website I entered the non-Microsoft e-mail address and clicked "Forgot my password." I then "changed the password" which had never been and then used that password to log in to Windows 10.
So, effectively I created an unwanted Microsoft account for the owner.
Problem solved, right?
However, the owner of the computer does not want to use a Microsoft Account, does not want to use the Cloud, does not want to be connected to Microsoft all the time, does not want to sync his information among several devices, but does want access to his computer.
Here's my question: Does anyone know how to avoid Microsoft's over-handed method of changing a local account and requiring a Microsoft account; thereby making it impossible to access the Windows 10 operating system?
Could it have been Windows Live Mail that caused the problem? Had I installed another e-mail program, ie. Outlook, would that have made a difference? Is there something which I could uncheck or turn off that would prevent this from happening again?
I expect to be setting up many computers with Windows 10 local accounts and I want to avoid this problem in the future.
Any insight you can offer will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.