I will do my best not to ramble. I updated to Windows a couple months ago, and all has been fine. Tonight, iTunes had an update, and when it finished, it said it needed to restart PC to finish, so I let it restart. But when I went to login, my old login (which was the old Windows style with name of use and a p/w), it had changed my login to one of my hotmail accounts and had to use that email's p/w to log in.

So I googled for this problem and found threads here about netplwiz so I tried some of the advice there... restarted and it didn't ask for hotmail account anymore, but it didn't have my username as the login either... it just said "Broken" as the name. I entered the p/w I had and it took it, but then it said wait while we update. After several minutes it opened up windows, but it messed up everything... and I mean EVERYTHING. What it did was rest my entire windows to settings from over 2 years ago. None of my files that were on my desktop are there.... itunes has lost rack of all my apps, podcasts, etc... many of my help programs like 1Password, dropbox, etc are not update to latest versions anymore and settings changed... my Outlook settings are all screwed up for my email programs... and the list goes on.

I realize this isn't the place to climb on my soapbox and scream at MS for deciding arbitrarily how I should use Windows. But man I really could use some advice on how to get my settings back without COMPLETELY reloading programs, etc.

FYI... I did look in netplwiz, and before it listed my old login and said it was admin, and then it listed the new hotmail login it had created, but I couldn't figure how to simply switch from the one login to the other like you used to be able to. But now the original login is gone from the list in netplwiz. Also, when I go to C:/users I can see my old login info (Brad) and when I opened up that file, all my desktop files are there.

Any ideas on how to rescue my old settings?