I think all the issues I am having with W10 are user account based. Under Users on the C: drive, I have two Users being shown. I have no idea how that happened. I tried to figure out which one Windows was using, which I thought I did and deleted the other one (names it user.old, actually). Windows recreated that user directory. And now I am having issues searching my computer using the W10 search. I believe this is user related as I created a dummy user account and search worked perfectly when I logged into it. I really need search in my work.

So my question is, after that wordy intro, is there a way to create a new User with Admin rights and then import all my settings, programs, and files to that new account so everything runs like it does on my current user account, but without all the user problems? Maybe this wouldn't solve my issues, but it seems as if it would be worth a shot.

A in-place repair is not a viable option for me as I continually get the Modern Host error during the setup.

Anyway, thanks for any thoughts on this.