Windows 10: Possible microsoft account corrupting itself at store login ?

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       20 Sep 2015 #1

    Possible microsoft account corrupting itself at store login ?


    My problem is i think i have a buged micro. acc.
    I already changed 4 time my password.
    But my account will be corrupted few days to two weeks later.

    Corrupted is what i call: Not possible to login with my Known password.
    Password or email is invalid.

    Off course resetting the password for my online account work, but it's the fourth time i have to do it.
    I checked my activity, and only my ip is showing in two years or more .

    So i'm sure it's not a security problem.
    I don't use wifi.
    If i manage my account i do it on a linux distrib.
    And the new passwords are always different.

    1: i'm using a fresh win 10 64 home install,
    I have only games installed and not pirated one + updated drivers.
    And a security suite.
    I use emsisoft emergency kit, time to time to do an offline scan, and c cleaner without toolbar, just to clean temp files without reg cleaner.

    2: I only use a signed account for windows store and one or two microsoft games that require it.

    3: possible solution to not corrupt again my account:
    I had to remove the login feature registering my mail in account settings pannel.
    A nd log out from store at first.

    4: The first time i had this problem, it was after login to micro. acc. to check windows store.
    In years of use, i never encountered it with marketplace or windowslive.

    5: This is the reason i will never use a global microsoft account as method to login with users to windows.

    Do you have a solution ?
    Is it a bug ?

    Thanks a lot
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    Oh i forgot:

    6: I use a pin auth when i need to manage account settings.
    7: When i had to reset passwords, i could still use microsoft solitaire, mahjong, store.
    8: If i loged out to those apps, and tryed to log in again with same password,
    It was impossible: invalid password.

    Should i delete my current account, and recreate it, in hope it will debug it ?
    I don't care if i loose all my game progress or bought items from market place years ago if it can help to resolve the problem.
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    I tryed to remember more step.

    I found a bug maybe related to this:

    The second time i had to change my password.
    I asked for a new password after security feature and code was answered.
    Then i created a new password.
    I pressed create but i did another thing:
    I used my old password instead of the new one immediatly after password reset, and my account was released again.

    Problem is i had to create another password because i couldn't login again two days later.

    And off course no activity from other ip than my one, and town place was same.
    In two years of activity i checked ( it took time) i have no trace of unknown ip .

    So it's definitive, the bug must be on microsoft part, if it's possible to login again with old password temporary byt creating a new one and immediately switch to old one, they must fix it.

    I sent a comment in the feedback topic , about wrong password, i hope it will be read.
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       20 Sep 2015 #4

    Hey again.

    I found the way to contact support from microsoft.
    I had to be online, annd ask to contact answer desk from
    Next i filled a ticket, copied the message i posted in tenforums, with a link i provided.

    This is not the first time i see people in forums speacking about password needed to be reset, to log again to windows 10 apps.

    I keep my current message here, but now my support ticket is in the hand of microsoft.
    If they say something globally about a bug fix or something, i may post it here, just in case, for other peoples.
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       24 Sep 2015 #5

    I received an answer.

    It's possible to secure my account with secure advices like phone checking or email checking.
    I received links that describe how to do this.

    I already receive a pin code i have to enter every time i have to check my ip activity, or manage my account.
    I think i set it this way months ago...

    I was wrong saying it was keeping informations years by years, it's 30 days about ip tracking, login, password change failed login ...

    But checking again what happend since last 30 days, and i did it every time i had to reset my password, there was no other activity, comming from other ip.

    Microsoft support say it's possible my account has been compromised some way, if passwords are invalid.

    Is it possible someone change my password 4 time since windows 10 is out, without displaying in activity tab ?
    httpsaccountdotlivedotcom/Activity (not putting the address)

    I dunno what to do.
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