Windows 10: Help: Non-existent user displayed Solved

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  1. Brink's Avatar
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 18262
       17 Sep 2015 #21

    Can you post a screenshot showing where you are opening the BigBear Lio folder from?

    It's not clear in your previous screenshots. I'll do some testing to see what it could be.
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  2.    17 Sep 2015 #22

    If I'm in folder Desktop (coming there through up level from Pictures folder) I see the User folder BigBear Lio and not BigBear.
    Clicking in that folder I can see ALL the system folder (Contacts, Desktop. Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Music, OneDrive, SavedGames, Searches, Tracing, Videos AND the grayed out Pictures).
    And for ALL I intended both the relocated folders like Videos and Downloads and the other ones still waiting to be relocated.
    And that folder is for user BigBear Lio.

    If I'm in "This PC" and I click on drive C:\ then on Users, I find here 2 folder: BigBear and Public. BigBear only, not BigBear Lio.
    Clicking on that folder I enter in the BigBear user folder in which I see Contacts, Desktop. Documents, Favorites, Links, Music, OneDrive, SavedGames, Searches, Tracing, AND Pictures NOT grayed out. But No relocated folders as Download and Videos.

    If I open contemporary both that User's folder (and the tab name are different so are really two different folders with the name of two different users) and I switch from one to the second one, in that moment BigBear Lio changes and and becomes equal identical to the other BigBear folder.

    And this make me mad!
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  3. Brink's Avatar
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 18262
       17 Sep 2015 #23

    Odd. Both locations are technically the same and linked.

    See if restarting the computer may have Pictures ungrayed in the Lio location afterwards.
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  4.    17 Sep 2015 #24

    Step by step ... It's really incredible!

    Ok, I had already restarted 2 times and anything changed.Then I recreated the partition and of course I made a new restart: the third!
    And now miraculously the Pictures folder is back to normal

    But still in the two different user folder (BigBear Lio and BigBear) are displayed different content.
    Where is Downloads and Video (the relocated folders) in BigBear?

    And now, to avoid some other problem, can I relocate Pictures, Documents and Music with the normal routine:

    right click on the original folder icon --> properties -->location -->past new location
    (from for example C:\Users\BigBear\Music to ------->>> L:\Music)
    Obviously - before - I've created the folder Music in that partition and I point there the new system music folder.

    In this way, can I be sure that the folder Music will be relocated as System folder?
    And as System folder will it remain visible in my user folder?
    And how can I fix the two folders Downloads and Videos that currently are NOT visible in the User folder?

    Thank so much!!
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  5. Brink's Avatar
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 18262
       17 Sep 2015 #25

    Great news.

    This is normal for the two different user folder locations. They are the same folder with both locations linked.

    Personally, I would recommend using your libraries how I posted in post #15 instead, and not move the user folders. This will help prevent issues.
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  6.    17 Sep 2015 #26

    Brink said: View Post
    How about doing this below as an alternative.

    Move "Pictures" back to C.
    Yes, I did it .... finally the folder Pictures is there!!

    Brink said: View Post
    Include "Pictures" on F to your Pictures library.
    For what I can see, Pictures folder is already in Libraries. And there is another folder that I doesn't put there for sure. The only thing is that the folder's name contains the word pictures (LioSite Pictures) and really all that folders contains subfolder with pictures.

    Brink said: View Post
    Set the "Pictures" folder on F to be the default save location for the Pictures library.

    You can now access and save them to your Pictures library to have them actually saved to "Pictures" on F.
    But... before doing this, I have to move my Pictures folder from the default location to F:\
    Can I do this as always from properties and so on as I wrote in the previous post?

    Thanks again Shawn, maybe we are in the final steps!! Never had such problem in 20 years!!
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  7. Brink's Avatar
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 18262
       17 Sep 2015 #27

    You're most welcome. Yep, I believe that we are almost there. :)

    No need to move the folder(s) at all.

    You would just need to include the folder on F: to your library as in post #15.
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  8.    18 Sep 2015 #28

    Brink said: View Post

    No need to move the folder(s) at all.

    You would just need to include the folder on F: to your library as in post #15.
    This is not clear for me.
    I need to have all my pictures or my music, in a different partition. The only pictures are more than 300 GB and the SSD drive for the OS is 128 GB.

    As I wrote, Pictures folder is already in the library even if I don't put it there but now is there.

    When I'll move again all my pictures in the Pictures folder, it would be impossible for that folder in C:\ to contain all. That's the reason to have the whole partition F:\ for the Pictures folder.

    I'm reading your tutorial "How to Set Default and Public Save Location of Library in Windows 10" but maybe my poor English doesn't let me understand something.

    But.. I'm able to follow your step by step tutorial and I'm doing it. The only thing I'm still not sure about, it's if I need to create in my partition F:\ one folder named "Pictures".

    And, at the end of this trip, will this new folder "Pictures" created in F: \ to be highlighted and used as a folder system?

    If so, why Microsoft has created the routine to move the folder Pictures from the default location to a new one?
    Your procedure seems to create a "link" leaving both folders, but having

    Your procedure seems to leave both folders but always leaving one empty using the other one as the real storage for the files.
    Have I misunderstood?

    Because if this is the solution, all I need to do for all that system folders is to create a "link" with your tutorial and in this case, the only question is: before following that procedure, should I create the specific folders "Pictures", "Videos", "Downloads", etc.. in the new location and select them to set as default save location?

    I think I need to understand the concept of "Library" (I've never used that folder ad "library" special folder because with the previous OS I always moved all my user folder and not only the system folder.

    So I think your latest effort is to tell me if I have to create that folder.
    Obviously, the last for this problem, I have a couple of new problems that that have built up working on folders .....
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  9. Brink's Avatar
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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 18262
       18 Sep 2015 #29

    Using libraries let you have files saved in folders where you like, then be able to include the folders in a library to access them in one place.
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  10.    19 Sep 2015 #30

    Brink said: View Post
    Using libraries let you have files saved in folders where you like, then be able to include the folders in a library to access them in one place.
    Hi Brink!

    I just wanted to thank you for all the painstaking work you've done for and with me.
    Unfortunately it seems there is no solution to the folder view which is discussed here and here and right from the day before yesterday I have me too this problem.
    So in the end of days and days of work, I have no choice but to format and start hoping that the issue does not occur again, as seems to happen to many people

    Do you know anything about that problem? You have no idea how to solve?
    I ask for help to Eset forum and in Windows forum, still no answer. And this problem is only on English Windows 10.
    I talked about it in Italian language forum and none has this problem.

    However, I really thank you for everything.
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