To start off with, first of all I've got 3 computers: my Windows 10 laptop [which is relatively new], a W10 upgraded desktop, and an aging, slow Windows 7 laptop - which my parents are using.

To help my parents out I recently tried to create a new user account on my Windows 10 laptop. It 'takes longer than expected' to do it, but it's done and everything seems fine. All I do is install Firefox on it, and that's about it.

But when I turn it on again a login to my parents user accout, the screen's blank, and I can ctr+alt+del to get the Task Manager up, but that's it. Creating an explorer.exe doesn't work, and restarting the current explorer.exe does nothing.

I've tried Googling around for answers, but a lot of them doesn't seem to apply to my situation exactly.

Any help would be appreciated.