Good morning, all.

I am on a corporate domain with my install of Win10 Pro. I find it a pain to login again once I lock the PC as I have to enter my full credentials (username and password). In Windows 7 when you locked the PC it stayed with that user until you unlocked it (or switched users).

I know there is a registry entry named "dontdisplaylastusername" that, when enabled, will show you the other accounts on the PC (as well as the last account logged in and pre-fills the username field). However, sometime throughout the day Windows 10 disables this entry and it means I need to go back in and enable it again.

Is there a way for Win10 to retain this value? I do not often log off completely from this PC, so nine times out of 10 I just lock it. Is this a Win10 "feature" or bug? Is there another value I should change instead of this reg entry to retain the current user who is logged in?