Bree said:
The simplest way to avoid the sign in screen at start up is to set up Windows with a local account that has no password.

Unfortunately your specs say you have 10 Home, and Home will insist on you setting up with a Microsoft account after a clean install. The way to get round this is not to connect to the internet while installing.

Clean Install Windows 10
You can set up Windows 10 Home with a local account from the start with a simple trick I learned. There are probably more sophisticated workarounds but I like mine for simplicity. I start by entering a fictitious Microsoft account. To keep thing simple and easy to remember I use Username = username, and Password = password. The Windows setup become confused and gives the error message, "Oops, something went wrong". I am then asked to create a local account. This workaround has never failed me yet and works with Windows 10 and 11. The only gotcha for Windows 11 is that the computer has to be connected to the Internet. The screenshots below show this workaround with Windows 10 Home 22H2:

1. Enter Username = username

W10.... Disable Password-user1a.jpg

2. Enter Password = password

W10.... Disable Password-user2a.jpg

3. Windows setup gets confused

W10.... Disable Password-user3a.jpg

4. Now you can create a local account

W10.... Disable Password-user4a.jpg