Wither 4 said:
Thanks for the advice. Well taken. To think, my desktop (this computer) is running on Vista.
Vista is one OS I skipped. The main problem with Vista is that I found it not a suitable upgrade for a computer running XP. That is unless you upgraded the computer first. I had a laptop with 1GB RAM very slow with Vista. It seemed Vista really needed at least 2GB of RAM. I did eventually upgraded the OS on that laptop to Windows 7 but only after I upgraded the RAM to 2GB. Even then it was pretty slow in comparison to Windows XP.

In any case I still have some computers with Windows XP and Windows 7 on them. However, these computer are just for tinkering and not for daily use on the Internet. I do that with computers with Windows 10 or 11. A computer with Windows XP is just not suitable to be used on the Internet anymore. A computer with Windows 7 can be used on the Internet but development has stopped for software that works on it. More importunately is that security updates for it stopped several years ago making use of it more and more unsafe as time goes on.