Win 7 asks password on boot up

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    Win 7 asks password on boot up

    Win 7.....User did not have a password setup to log into windows.....then one day a password requirement showed up...
    Some kind of virus or something....

    I have tried booting up with several CD's of password cracking tools......with BIOS set to CD boot first......hitting F12 and choosing CD to boot will not boot from the CD....
    Goes straight into loading Windows 7 then the login appears on the screen....
    It's almost as if the password requirement appears before Windows is fully loaded....

    Has anyone run into this.......Is there any chance of fixing it...???

    Thank you in advance....
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    Perhaps you should ask here?

    Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Windows 10 Pro for the Bro

    I'm guessing you used a different computer to burn the CD?

    Try booting from the CD from that different computer. See if it boots from the CD. If not, then the CD burn wasn't successful.

    There's Hiren's boot "CD". But you can put those "CD"s onto USB devices instead. Check out Rufus. It allows you to put a CD into a USB device instead. Look into doing that, and try booting from the USB.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    stevem5000 said:
    one day a password requirement showed up
    I suggest you post a photograph of the screen showing the password requirement.

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    Cereberus...this is not a specific Win 7 issue...could happen on w10 also...
    Pepanee...The CD's I am using have booted up many computers over time....some W7 and mostly W10....The burn is good...
    BUT...I will boot up a different PC with the same boot CD and double check to see if it works....

    As I reboot several times to watch when the login screen comes up....I'm pretty certain that login screen shows up before Windows is completely loaded....which should not be......There is something "strange" going on.....

    Just rememered I had this happen once before on a W10 PC......I tired booting up with a W10 Install flash drive....and go to CMD and tried to create a new account with pw that I could log into thinking I could then delete whatever account is causing this login screen to appear......I had to completely reinstall W10 to get it working.......BUT just was a PIN # not a password....
    I think I decided it was some Msoft update that maybe got messed up.....but I really don't know...
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    Windows 10 Pro for the Bro

    I see.

    If the CD works on a different computer, which should work like you say, then it could be something in your BIOS settings. See if you can access the BIOS settings page, and navigate to the section where you can "save your current BIOS configuration" page, save your BIOS settings as a name or whatnot, then reset your BIOS settings to their default settings. Should be an option in there that lets you do that.

    Then try booting from the CD again...
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    I set the BIOS 1st boot CD....I see nothing else in BIOS that looks "out of place"...But I have not reset it to default...I'll try that but I expect the only thing will be is it will reset the 1st boot to the hard drive...
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    Windows 10 Pro for the Bro
       #8 you happen to know if the CD-ROM itself on this computer even still works?

    I have a Desktop computer, and I still have my CD-ROM installed in it, yet I haven't used it for .... years? Don't know if your CD-ROM may have gone bust for ... loss of use. I'm not too certain/familiar with all that, but it could be a possibility.

    Try installing a Boot CD onto a USB device that you can plug into the computer instead, and boot from the USB device.

    Here's an example tutorial of how to put Hiren's Boot CD into a USB using Rufus:
    Create A Bootable Hirenís Boot CD on USB Flash Drive (2018) - YouTube

    I'm sure you can find tutorials on how to put your Boot CDs onto USB devices too.
    Just be very careful to select the empty USB device, you attach to the computer, for Rufus to make a copy of the boot CD onto, instead of looking at your external drives or whatnot.

    ^ as an alternate way to try to use the boot CD, assuming the CD-ROM has gone bust or something.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    I have always had to set the Bios to disable the internal DVD/CD device before I could boot from an external one unless I had physically removed it.

    DVD/CD readers can get clogged up by airborne particles such as smoke.

    I copied all my old boot CDs across to USB sticks years ago and the USBs all booted correctly afterwards.

    Once again, I suggest you post a photograph of the screen showing the password requirement.

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    Ok.....I had typed out a long response on several points and I was trying to figure out how to upload a pix that I took of the logon screen.....and I accidently closed the browser and lost everything I typed.......So trying again....

    1. I timed the bootup and from power on to windows 7 logo appearing....9 seconds.....from power on to login screen appearing....21 seconds......I don't know about you guys but I have never had a W7 machine boot up that fast....

    2. Yesterday going several through several boot ups it went into CHKDSK 2 times.....and each time it indicated some parsed records....
    This morning it went into Safe Mode.....then to the logon screen....I think it's save to say the HD is NOT in good condition....

    3. When I get the pix uploaded you will see a Password Link..."Daniel" with a phone #......that phone is in Northern Calif....and I am in Missouri.....Just talked with client and she says she does not know any "Daniel" and does not know anyone form Calif...

    4. Hitting the enter key at the login screen brings up normal error for wrong password...

    5. Now that I think of it I don't recall the CD drive spinning up.....I will replace the CD drive and try again....

    5. I used a CD because this is an old PC....10-15 years old.....When I worked in corporate I used to buy this model of Lenovo for my I'm pretty familiar with it....

    6. I have a number of flash drive boot up for various things...and I have to get into the BIOS again but I don't think it supports USB boot up....therefore again CD for boot...

    7. Thanks for the link to Hirens flash boot drive....

    8. I will work on getting the pix uploaded....when I go to attachments it brings up a window to handle attachments that I am not familiar with.....when I figure it out you will see the attachment....

    9. Finally....THANK YOU EVERYONE for sticking with me....your suggestions and advice are good......I'm afraid I am not giving you enough info......

    10. Finally #2...:).....This same thing happened on a W10 about a month asked for a PIN rather than a PW......I could not crack it and finally wound up saving all data and doing a clean install of I expect I have run into a "virus"...hack of some kind...
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