Long story.

When I converted my W7 system to W10 I used an MS account from when I had an MSDN subscription and I was using for Skype, however, I caught out when using the system builds with windows trying to send an email to the address which was no longer valid.

Anyway, I updated the account to my current Gmail account (by making it the primary and the original a secondary) and tested it for a week with everything seeming to be OK. I've set up a new user on my PC for the new account, but when I try an log in with it I get a message that that the password is incorrect. I've validated the p/w that I'm using is the correct one for my MS account.

I can't reset the password in windows and there is no option to create a password reset disk, I've even tried turning off passwords to no effect. To make matters worse I can't log in to MS on the PC account that is still working so most of the apps are unusable. It comes up with a password prompt, accepts the pw and then brings the prompt up again with no error messages.

Any ideas?