Hi All

I have started to use a Smartcard to login to my Windows 10 Education machine. Logging in works fine but the one annoying problem I have is that when I boot up the machine and am at the login screen it ALWAYS defaults to using a password login. This even happens after successfully logging in with the Smartcard. ie: it doesn't "remember" that I last used a Smart card to login.

Is there a way to set the Smartcard as the default login? I still want the password login to be an option but I always want the Smartcard to be the default.

Basically, I want to turn the machine on and to then be presented with a PIN entry screen to login with my Smart card. (I'm the only person that uses this machine)

Currently I have to ALWAYS change from a password login by selecting the Smartcard on the logon screen and only then can I enter the PIN.

I also have to change from a password logon to a Smartcard logon even if I have just locked my machine!

So, is there a way I can set Windows 10 to ALWAYS default to using a Smartcard login?

I have clients that use Smartcards with Windows 7 and it always remembers the last logon type. Can Windows 10 do this as well?

For those interested I am using the following to use a Smartcard on a workgroup machine: