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    that's what I thought but when I try to login using the now visible built-in admin account and leave the password box empty I get a message saying incorrect password and then a password hint is shown...
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    The Built-In Admin has no password hint set for it. What is the hint?

    I really do not know what is going on now. Please post photos of the login screen before & after you attempt to log in to it.

    It is possible to set passwords & hints for any account including the Built-In Admin. If you have done that at some stage in the past then that could stop you using this account.

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    I've never taken my PC to PC people (geeksquad, etc), can they actually fix this? this is my business PC a d can't afford to mess around d with it for another 12 hours
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    I don't know.

    This whole thing even started off very strangely - you should not have been able to change a password for an MSAccount in netplwiz.
    Change local and MS account Password - TenForumsTutorials

    The Built-In Admin does not have a password set for it unless you have set one.

    I assume, because it has not been mentioned, that you do not have a system image from before the problem started.

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    not sure I follow?

    I didn't say that i changed my Microsoft account credentials using netplwz, I tried to bypass the login screen using netplwz as I've done many times before, I changed/updated my PC password in netplwz and for so e reason it locked me out this time, i.e. it won't accept my new password (which seems to have happened to others).

    my Microsoft account is fine but the credentials do 't work on the login screen despite being given that signin option on the login screen... i,ve tried to reset my ms credentials as well, and even after resetting the credentials won't work on the login screen.... btw I'm able to access my ms account from my ta let
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    aeneas1 said:
    can they actually fix this?
    Once they enable CMD before logon, changing/removing the local password is as easy as 1 2 3
    Locked Out - Login Screen-img_20210420_200918_17cs.jpg
    Try3 said:
    This whole thing even started off very strangely - you should not have been able to change a password for an MSAccount in netplwiz.
    You can open Windows credentials from there, I guess that is what OP has meant?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Locked Out - Login Screen-capture_04202021_202445.jpg  
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    aeneas1 said:
    I didn't say that i changed my Microsoft account credentials using netplwz ...
    … I changed/updated my PC password in netplwz
    There is no such thing as a "PC password" that is in any way different to your Microsoft account password. One account, one password.

    I think it was that attempt in netplwiz that started the problem but I have no idea why your Built-In Admin should behave as though it had a password.

    So I am out of ideas.

    There is one thing but it is really clutching at straws. Check the diagram in enabling the Built-In Admin account Option 5 Step 11. Make sure you did not accidentally alter any of the other values shown there.

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    well $39.99 and 5 minutes later i'm back in business... actually more like $39.99 and just over an hour later given that best buy is a 30 minute drive each way...

    > called bb to see if it was something they could do, was told yep,that they do it every day, and to bring it in...i said i assume i would need to show some form of id as proof of ownership otherwise anyone could take stolen computer in and have the password bypassed / removed, was told no id was necessary and that no one would steal my computer, that it would be perfectly safe with the technicians... ha ha, ok.

    > the tech guy i dealt with upon arrival said it would be a very quick job if we were dealing with a local password and 24-48 hours if it was a microsoft account password or a "ghost pin" that a recent update created and was causing tons of login probs... he sad that with a local password his software could simply remove it, but with a ms account or the pin it would involve at least uninstalling updates.

    > he ran his software and during the process moved my pc screen from my view and added that he did so because proprietary software info would be visible... five minutes later my pc rebooted, password and password requests were gone, and i was looking at my desktop screen.

    fwiw, before he shifted the screen away from my view, i saw a large number "5" as part of the software graphics, and the graphics color scheme seemed to orange, black and yellow....

    anyway, thanks very much to everyone who tried to help, it was greatly appreciated... and thanks to @RolandJS for suggesting a pay-to-fix-it option!
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    So you can now log in to your MSAccount and you can log in to the Built-In Admin account?

    If you are not sure about logging in to the Built-In Admin account then just create an additional [spare], password-protected Admin account now while your MSAccount is working correctly.
    - Even if there was a continuing problem with the Built-in admin you would be able to use this spare Admin account in the future to deal with problems. You will be just as well off as you would be with the Built-in one.
    - Write down the password for this spare Admin account now. You might not use it in anger for years so you won't remember it.
    - I posted some notes on the subject in my ditty - Create two spare local, password-protected Admin accounts [post #2] - TenForums [I always create two spare accounts but you might not]

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    at this point i'm just very relieved that i can get into my pc, but there's clearly some stuff that still needs to be fixed...

    - when the tech guy fixed things (removed password(s)) my pc booted into my desktop, the login in screen was completely bypassed.

    - wanted to test password protection before i left and make sure that i didn't get locked out again, created a password and rebooted... this is the screen that appears:

    - after hitting ok i get this screen

    - so it boots to the "ghost" account, the grey account with the stock profile image, and displays an incorrect username / password message, it does not boot to my actual account, the yellow icon.

    - if i enter my password into either account (grey or yellow) i am taken to the desktop, i.e. both accounts work.... in fact when i enter the password into grey "ghost" account, the profile image changes to the yellow profile image while processing.

    - the built-in account no longer shows on login screen.

    - if i try to use my msaccount credentials at the windows login screen, an option that is only available if i try to login using the "ghost" account and not available when using the "yellow" accoont, my credentials are rejected - to be clear, the msaccount credentials that i use are the same ones that i use when logging into my microsoft account from a browser - in the short, the credentials work fine when logging in from a browser.

    - this is what started my issues.... in the past i've used this screen many times to bypass the login screen by unchecking the box, but for some reason google chrome started asking for a password in order to see my saved website passwords, something it had never done this in the past when i bypassed the login screen... .every password i tried failed so i used this screen again to create a new password, checked the box, required a password at login, so that i would be able to see my chrome passwords.... but when i rebooted the new password that i just created didn't work nor did any other passwords i used in the past (that i could remember).

    as has always been the case i will again set up my pc to bypass the login screen, but i would like to know why i'm still seeing two "kaimanu" accounts on the login screen, is there a way to get rid of the gray one?

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