I use parental control in Windows 10. With parental control, there are messages that : 1. session is about to end in 15 minutes and 2. session is about to end in 15 minutes.

It prevents my son from playing Roblox because suddenly he doesn't control his Roblox game anymore, he controls if he clicks on "OK I saw this message" or on "I want to ask for more time". If he is jumping for instance, it can make him drown, this kind of (unpleasant) things.

Our wish, which I don't know if it can be fullfilled, is, or to suppress those message, or better to make them appear in background only, so that he can go on playing.

I hope to be clear, if there is something unclear /forgotten, please do not hesitate to ask for better explanation.


- - - Updated - - -

A mistake : second message says it will end in 2 minutes, sorry.