You've been signed in with temporary profile error Solved

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    You've been signed in with temporary profile error

    I upgraded to windows 10 about a month ago, from windows 7 home edition (64 bit).

    I didn't have problems for a few weeks, everything worked correctly. I connected my user with my MS account and that worked as well.
    The problem started, when about 4 days ago i turned on my computer, but after I signed in I got this message: You've been signed in with a temporary profile. beside the message my background image was set to the stock one, and the half of my icons disappeard.

    I looked up the internet, this forum as well, but i only found fixes for windows 7 and those didn't work. ( I tried to fix it through the registry, by checking the path of my user, and setting numbers back to 0, but these didn't help)

    After some useless trying, i set my user back to offline/local, and after that copied all my folders and files from C:/Users/MyOldAccount to C:/Users/MyNewAccount. I rebooted, and many of my problems were fixed, like programs had my old saves, my background came back etc.
    But at the same time all my apps disappeard, and by apps I mean the Store, Mail, Calendar, Xbox, Gom Player... so every app. I couldn't find them since, and my start menu's place for these is empty.

    Now when I go to user's settings, I can't login again with my microsoft account, because when i click it, nothing happens. I can't make a new user as well, beacuse that doesnt do anything.

    If anyone has any thoughts about my problem and fixing it, please let me now. I would be really happy to find a solution other than reinstalling/resetting windows, because i would loose abot 70 programs. (I know it, because i started it, but when i saw the list that scared me back)

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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

    I have a very similar problem - upgrade install Win 10 from Win 8.1 - all went very smoothly and no errors or anything, but whenever I try and log in with my Windows account, it ends up logging me in as a temporary user. I can see all my old files, saves and programs, but none of them are showing up in menus. Plus, as it's a temp account, it won't save any changes or configs.

    Any help greatly appreciated!
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    Windows 7 (reverted back)
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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

    That's great, thank you!

    Weirdly, just after writing this, I've found a fix!! Running windows update seemed to 'reset' the process and I got the proper account migration window up after a reboot. Literally the sixth reboot in a row but it triggered something.

    I really appreciate your quick reply regardless, thank you :)
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    AgentD said: View Post
    That's great, thank you!

    Weirdly, just after writing this, I've found a fix!! Running windows update seemed to 'reset' the process and I got the proper account migration window up after a reboot. Literally the sixth reboot in a row but it triggered something.

    I really appreciate your quick reply regardless, thank you :)
    I had this same problem today after upgrading from 8.1 to Windows 10. Manually triggering a windows update check and then a reboot fixed it and made the account migration run correctly.
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    ReProfile to fix the Temporary Profile problem

    I am setting up a new HP Windows 10 system, copying files from my old system, and this problem has happened to me twice. First time I followed instructions for editting registry, making a new profile, copying files back into it, etc, but that was a real pain, so the second time it happened, I looked for a better solution and found it, in the free application ReProfile, downloadable from Source Forge. See IWR Computer Consultancy - Technical Support and advice on IT issues for Small Businesses. : Reprofiler and ReProfiler download | There are various warnings, so use at your own risk.

    What ReProfiler allows you to do is to re-associate the profile for the account (e.g. C:\Users\JohnDoe) with the account login (JohnDoe). I tried it and it worked, with no problems. In particular, I did:
    1. Downloaded and installed ReProfiler in my admin account
    2. Restarted Window 10 to make sure that the user account was not logged in or in some wierd state
    3. Used the Assign button in ReProfiler to reconnect the user with the profile, and then the Test button to check that it worked.

    After that, I logged into the user account, and everything was back to normal. Way easier than the other method!
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    I've had the same problem as the rest with being redirected into a temp profile on logon after upgrading from WIN 7 to WIN 10 -- but with a different solution.

    I figured the corrupted profile was probably due to something unusual in my Win 7 profile. After giving it some thought, I suspected it was probably due to my having redirected my desktop and document folders to a different location. Based on that hunch, I reverted back to my original WIN 7 OS, changed the location of my desktop and documents folders back to their defaults, then proceeded with the WIN 10 upgrade, and voila! -- problem solved!
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    Windows 10 upgraded from win 7 upgraded from vista

    Hi - I seem to have created a new thread, but meant to post under here as it is related - can anyone help please?


    I am hoping someone can help. I upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7 around 2 months ago and generally it works fine. However, three times in that time when I boot up, it has told me I have been signed in to a temporary profile. When I reboot my machine, all is fine. I tried to follow the instructions in this thread You've been signed in with a temporary profile - Fix - Windows 10 Forums this morning as I wondered if possibly it is slightly corrupted. I only have one user profile which is an administrator one. Whilst deleting that registry item caused win 10 to recreate my user profile as described, none of my files were accessible and neither was the internet or my emails.

    After a major panic, I managed to use my ipad to google and find out how to do a system restore on Win 10, and rolling back to Monday returned my registry to its previous state TG and I can access my files again.

    What did I do wrong? And any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

    Another issue that may be related is the first time win 10 did this, it deleted a lot of shortcut icons on my desktop - the programs are still on my system and I was able to drag them back onto the desktop and recreate them.

    PS - I dont have a windows key on my keyboard either as per the instructions and had to find another way to get into regedit.
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    For me, this temporary profile error happened after upgrading from windows 8 to windows 10. It was resolved when I went into settings and verified my microsoft account, and restarted.
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    Windows 10 upgraded from win 7 upgraded from vista

    Hmm thanks, do you mean use a Microsoft account? I don't use one at the moment. Prefer not to if I can avoid it.
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