Windows 10 Password issue  

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    Windows 10 Password issue

    Hello, hope someone can help on this. My son can't access his Lenovo Yoga 530 laptop. Earlier in the week he tried logging on, it may have updated during this, but now his password isn't accepted and the facility for forgot / reset has disappeared from the screen. I'm not an expert on this but have tried various things. Firstly his Microsoft account password has been updated and neither that or the pin he was using to log in will work. I've tried all the various repair / recovery options but each one requires a password for his account, so I can't even reload Windows. Unfortunately there is no separate admin account. Using the on-screen keyboard doesn't make any difference. I've even tried various unlocking programmes though booting by USB but none of them are detecting any user accounts. I'm going round in circles, does anyone have any further suggestions. Thanks.
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    Hi, was the login a local account, or linked to a MS Live Id?

    A PIN is just a frill in the sense that the password is still required in a number of situaitions normally, as perhaps you have discovered.

    Here members recommend the routine use of disk imaging so that users can recover quickly and painlessly from many bad situations - e.g. Macrium Reflect (free). I'm going to guess no such precautions are in place.

    Lenovo Yoga 530 - seems to be from around 2018, so is fairly new.

    Was System Restore enabled?

    Presumably it boots normally to a login screen wher e you are prompted to log in.
    What indicates there are no user accounts?

    If you click on the Power button on that screen, bottom right, then SHIFT left click the Restart option, you would normally be able to navigate to an option to boot to Safe Mode.

    Does it get that far?
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    Thanks for getting back on this.
    The laptop is just over a year old, no previous problems. Unfortunately it may not have been set up with recovery in mind, certainly not this particular problem, so I'm not sure about system restore. I believe that it is a linked account rather than local, the device appears on the MS account.
    It boots to a log in screen, only giving the one option of my son as the user. If I try the restart / shift approach it goes into all of the various recovery and repair options including system restore but every one of them requires a log in from him as the user, again the password doesn't work. Hence the problem. Also the power on and off sends me to the same menu. So again not sure what else I can do..
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    As it seems to use an MS live id account you can reset that by logging in to the MS account.. assuming that you can do that of course. See e.g. the last option:

    Reset Password of User Account in Windows 10

    If you're missing an admin account, if desperate, see the last option
    Enable or Disable Elevated Administrator account in Windows 10
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.3324

    I agree with dalchina.

    Enable the BuiltIn Admin account,
    use that to create additional*** password-protected local Admin accounts,
    write their passwords down somewhere secure yet accessible,
    log in to one of the new accounts,
    check it works,
    check it can give Admin permission properly [right-click on the Start button, select Windows PowerShell Admin and click on the Yes button in the dialog that appears - then close PowerShell as this was just a check of the procedure],
    then disable the BuiltIn Admin account.

    Once all that is working, you can worry about sorting out the problem with the original account in slower time.
    - I've seen changes in an online MSAccount password cause problems logging in to the computer before. In my case, the problems disappeared eventually - I guess that changes to the online account are just awkward about filtering down to the computer.
    - If you do not actually need MSAccount facilities within your user account then just stick with local accounts. They have fewer moving parts to go wrong.

    Add Local Account or Microsoft Account - TenForumsTutorials
    Change to Admin account type- TenForumsTutorials

    Reduce the chances of your accounts being afflicted with user profile corruption by never forcefully powering off the computer unless the thing freezes up completely leaving you with no choice.

    • Never turn it off forcefully by holding down the power button for several seconds [as opposed to just pressing it for a moment then letting go], and
    • Never turn it off by removing its power supply, and
    • Never turn it off while Windows update is trying to install updates.

    Write their passwords down somewhere secure yet readily accessible. Writing down their passwords is as effective as & is a lot cheaper than making 'Password reset disks' [which are only for local accounts anyway]. I always write user account passwords down on a piece of paper that I keep inside one of those dog nametag cylinder things attached to my main keyring -
    Here's a [UK] link for some example ID tags There are lots of available choices but I bought ones that, like these, have a slot in the bottom for me to swing off so I can be confident they won't come apart accidentally while I'm out & about.

    *** I always create two additional i.e. spare password-protected local Admin user accounts.
    - I created one and I use it routinely for fault investigation. This means that my day-to-day account does not have any unnecessary additional access permissions and this limits how far malware could spread if you were infected.
    - I created the second because it occurred to me that, since I was using the first spare one sometimes, I might mess it up. I appreciate that this is probably overkill. I have never used the second one so its profile should never be corrupted.

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    Thanks both for the advice but unfortunately I still can't sort this out. The options for getting access to the built in admin won't work because for some I can't get in to Windows anyway and the others lead to recovery and repair options, including using command prompts, all of which demand that I choose a user (my son being the only one) and input a password which again is not accepted.
    The mysteries to me are 1. what happened to the forgot / reset password option on the access screen, 2. why does every single recovery option require a password and 3. why do the password solving softwares not find any users. It almost seems deliberate.
    Any further suggestions - e.g. is there any software I could use to create a usb boot that would actually resolve the problem. Many thanks for any further help..
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.3324

    jimmy243 said:
    … 2. why does every single recovery option require a password ...

    They don't. Use Enable or Disable Elevated Administrator account in Windows 10 Option 5

    Last edited by Try3; 19 Mar 2021 at 16:27.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    If you can't do that for some reason, can you not log in to the account on line on any PC, using a browser, and reset the password? (As previously posted).

    Otherwise you need to back up any non-backed up data on the PC and clean install.

    Then, lesson learnt, start using disk imaging regularly so you can recover from disasters.
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    Just to say that I did eventually resolve this today, thanks for your help. I downloaded a Windows 10 installation from Microsoft to USB, which then got me in to the command prompt and I enabled the admin account as per instructions, which then took me in to Windows via safe mode. I couldn't find a way of changing the user password through this, it was protected and wouldn't change. However when I added a new additional account and logged on normally it connected to wifi and when I went back to the original user account it all worked again.

    All previous microsoft updates have been installed, fine, and restarts as before. Disk imaging backup in place. Still none the wiser in terms of why it happened but hopefully that's it now. Thanks again, I'm sure my son will appreciate it.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Sounds good. The difficulty may be getting your son to routinely use disk imaging...

    But watch out- he'll be getting his friends to visit the neighbourhood geek...
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