No password prompt at login screen. Can not login.

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    bravechicken said:
    Some users on this forum thread have mentioned being able to put the computer into safe mode with networking. I have tried several methods to get the computer into safe mode, but all have been unsuccessful. Probably the strangest of all has been pressing and holding the power button to shutdown 3 times. After doing that, it's meant to enter safe mode, but instead it loads up windows defender and proceeds to do a system scan. If I try to update windows defender from that screen, it will look like it's downloading and then fail with an error code after "installing".

    If someone could give me a couple of methods for booting into safe mode with networking, that would be very appreciated. Thank you!
    I also had this issue when I was not able to go to safe mode by F8 or shift keys method. What worked for me was "Let the windows come to lock screen, wait for 1-2 minute on the screen, then keep pressing the Power button for 10-20 seconds to shutdown. Repeat this process 3-4 times."
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    sonicdeath37 said:
    Hey all, I got this problem 2 days ago and tried everything in this thread with no luck. However, I eventually fixed it by rebuilding the OS boot sector. You need to do this through cmd, and as shift+restart, or crashing it wouldn't bring up any troubleshooting mode. So I had to use a recovery USB, that I made using someone else's laptop.
    Once in command prompt run "bootrec /scanos" (sometimes it will only work with no space between the "/" though generally, it needs a space" /" so "bootrec/scanos"
    It will then give the drive letter that the OS is on, (remember it's a different drive letter than what you would think, so probably not C: ) then select the os e.g. if it said the OS is on E: just type in "E:".

    Then run the command "bootrec /rebuildbcd"
    Then "bootrec /fixmbr"
    Then "bootrec /fixboot"
    then type "exit", restart your computer... and Voilą
    Sorry but these steps didn't work for me. I followed complete instructions and everything was successful. Trying resetting now.
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    Windows 10

    Found a possible solution - hope this helps

    I finally managed to get out from this situation.
    One of the checks that I made was on networks adapters devices in Device Manager and I noticed that after last Windows Update (Creators Update) all the WAN Miniport adapters where missing.

    No password prompt at login screen.  Can not login.-2017_04_10_10_38_441.png

    I don't know if could be a solution for every one, but once I got again all the Miniport adapters, I didn't experience any more the login prompt issue! :)

    PS: also reinstalled Network Adapters drivers (both wired and wireless)
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    Windows 10 Home

    Reset worked for me for now. It maintained all the data in the hard disk. I will need to reinstall applications though. I am able to login to my account but still not getting the same error when I lock my screen.
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    No Login/Password Prompt

    I found something that worked for me- I just held the Shift key down while I pressed the Power button. Did it when powering off & when powering on. Don't know which was right, just was trying anything! Somehow when my laptop powered on again I got my HP logo and then my normal start screen WITH the user name & password prompts! Problem fixed! Have no idea why this worked but it did. It took a little while but not too long.

    Just some friendly advice for those posting answers- when people say they're stuck on a login screen, for whatever reason, that means we can't get any further to type in changes, get to control panel etc. So those answers do not apply! Don't want to sound ungrateful but when you have an issue and are stressing out, telling people to type this or that OR go to Control Panel or whatever is very very frustrating! I do appreciate all the expertise. Just my own pet peeve!
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    no password prompt on windows 10 boot

    I having a problem in booting up of windows 10. While booting up, I am not not getting username and password.Its just a blank screen with power button,network & screen options on left corner. I tried restart with shift key down but didn't help.I am able to boot it in safe mode after 3 times hard shutdown with power key.But not able to exit safe mode since after typing MSCONFIG and getting "system configuration" window, "exit window" box is already uncheked in "Boot" option. So, not able to get out of safe mode. Earlier I tried other troubleshooting options in the startup in safe mode but neither worked. Is there any solution to this problem.
    Before this proble I had another problem that during boot up windows will hang and i had to do hard shutdown by power key & reboot every time.
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    Windows 10

    I am so darn frustrated with this issue

    This is the third time now, my laptop has had the Windows logon prompt disappear. This time was after my network connection locked up and I had to reboot. I have been able to get it back after finding various troubleshooting techniques in this thread. Nothing is working now. I'm not sure it this keeps happening because of automatic windows updates or what. This first happened in November of 2016. This time running the msconfig worked. Second time it happened in February 2017 while I was trying to finish my taxes. That time running the msconfig didn't work. I found a batch job to turn off fast start and this worked.

    Now it is back. Nothing is working. I have tried everything and am so frustrated with this issue. I can get a logon prompt while in safemode. I have an upgraded Windows 10 from Windows 8, so don't have the option to turn off fast start I also tried the fast start option (but I don't have the selection on the power options screen). I have powered off and powered on three times - still nothing. Right now, it is just sitting there with "Please wait" churning. When it finishes, it will have the HP screen with the date and time in the lower left corner and two small icons in the right corner (network and access options).

    Anyone have any other ideas?
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    windows 10

    OK, I had this problem (no login box), sometimes on power up, sometimes on return from sleep (you know, I shut the lid on the computer). After the Windows 10 Creator update, it became a "happened every time" upon returning from sleep. I would have to try to login (no box), then finally shut down or restart using the power icon (which would show up at the time I was expecting the sign in box. After being horrified by the number of suggested options to fix this, including reloading windows 10, random registry gyrations, settings instructions that one needs a "pro" version of Windows 10, blah blah blah, I came across an observation that an HP customer with the same problem seemed to have fixed, but was kinda dismissed out of hand by the technical service rep.
    The solution identified was to uninstall HP SimplePass, the fingerprint reader that comes with the HP laptop. I have such a reader on my HP laptop, but do not use it. After uninstalling the HP SimplePass program and restarting my machine, the problem is gone.
    Maybe that will help someone. . .
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    Windows 10

    I will check for that when I get home. Can you uninstall that in safe mode because that is the only way I can logon to my laptop and safemode with networking does not work.
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    windows 10

    I didn't have the challenge of fixing things in Safe Mode.

    Check this out, someone has a solution to uninstalling in safe mode:
    Tip: How to install and uninstall a program in Safe Mode 4sysops
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