No password prompt at login screen. Can not login.

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    Windows 10

    IceDragon66 said:
    Thank you for posting this! I was able to finally get into safe mode and fix my PC thanks to your suggestion about powering off windows three times. I've tried the old F8 trick and even the restore disc option prior but none of these worked. I was ready to wipe my computer until I saw your post. Thanks again!
    How did you do that switch off 3 times thing,
    as i am unable to get you.
    can you please mention the procedure how to run my pc in safe mode as the restart option is not showing on my laptop login screen and i am unable to boot via F8 key.
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    Windows 10

    dipenhshah said:
    How did you do that switch off 3 times thing,
    as i am unable to get you.
    can you please mention the procedure how to run my pc in safe mode as the restart option is not showing on my laptop login screen and i am unable to boot via F8 key.
    Yes. I just followed the post by supportsiden. Just hold down your power button for 3 seconds after your PC comes up to the Win10 login. After the PC powers off, boot back up to the windows 10 login and hold down your power button again for 3 seconds. Next time you boot up there should be prompts.
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    Windows 10

    Nothing seems to work. My username and password don't show up. Blindly typing it doesn't work. Shift restart doesn't work. Hard restarting three times doesn't work.
    Anything else that may fix it?
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    windows 10

    IkaroAlef said:
    Thanks, the switch OFF 3 times method helped me! Thank you
    what do u mean by that i too have the same problem. what should i do
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    Win 10

    No password prompt at login screen.  Can not login.-20161229_174246-1-.jpeg
    Same problem here, except I can't even launch in safe mode, I get a black screen with the cursor active when I should be getting desktop.
    I found this on a different forum:
    With command prompt you can enable the built in Administrator account using net user administrator /active:yes. I found that once the account was enabled the user login would appear again. (after a restart)
    I managed to do that, but still nothing after a restart.
    I'm at my wits end because If I can't find a solution to this it will be my 3rd reinstall this quarter on a clean system due to it's whims when it has nothing but offline work done on it. I think I'll just revert to 7.
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    Disabling Windows Biometric Service can cause slow logins. Some websites recommend stopping Windows Biometric Service if you don't have a fingerprint scanner or similar. But the service will not stop. Turns itself back on if you stop it.

    After boot without Windows Biometric Service, there is a long delay before the user sees the password prompt. The lock screen works, but the login screen only has its icons in the lower right corner. The password input box will eventually appear, but takes a long 3 or more minutes.
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    windows 10

    I have the same problem of reaching the startup screen but not able to get to the login screen, windows 10. I have found that by selecting the shut down icon in the bottom right hand corner and selecting restart (*Note not the shut down option), the computer restarts and allows you to sign in. I have reinstalled windows with the option of keeping documents and the problem remains the same. Obviously by selectin the restart option, whatever is preventing initial sign in is cleared but does not clear if shut down and restart is selected.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I dont have the power button on my screen, just the network/LAN icon. I'm completely stumped, how the &@#^*#@((#*# do I log in??
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    Windows 10

    Seriously all help appreciated, got my things also still locked up.

    Login prompt missing completely.

    Hard resetting 3 times worked ONCE (messed up with recovery menu autoreboot-countdown, maybe because bluetooth keyboard, switched to wired now)

    Now all I get is the usual pretty wallpaper with date and time, after keystroke lowright corner has three icons, connection/some interface-stuff/power options.

    ctrl alt del
    usb recovery. All BIOS- related seems to be out of reach.

    Funny thing is, got this problem while rebooting in <<<<SAFE MODE>>>>, trying to fix some minor periodic cmdupdate- screen popup.
    Could this be some hardware failure?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I don't think it's hardware, we're all having the same problem and I believe it is the result of a windows update. Since we're locked out of pretty much everything, I don't think there will be a solution that doesn't involve reinstalling. I'm not sure exactly what happens on a reinstall, but I REALLY don't want to nuke all of my installed applications.. this is really frustrating.. I have tried the recovery USB stick with no luck, next I may try the repair inside the install ISO.
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