Under windows 7 I didn't have a password, and was just known as user 001, or user-001, Nevertheless it was a default setting. Then after the download of 10, the start page had my name in the user box and asked for a password obviously gleaned from my email address. After adding the PW it opened up and appeared fine and had me listed as the administrator. Then the fun started and I have come to an assumption that user-001(win7) is the operator and requires the administrators password (win10) to start. Then when I (user-001) try to perform even simple functions like pasting photos to another folder, I get an administrator error message from the windows 10 OS preventing me. Although the continue button allows me to sometimes complete the process, the copied file appears differently, contains no data and so can't be opened. My plea for help is how do I find the original user-001 and can this user be grant equal right as an administrator?