I share my laptop with my wife; I have an admin account and she is a standard user.

We have a consistent but intermittent problem switching between user accounts using the fingerprint reader. Most of the time, one swipe of a finger properly changes accounts. At least every other day, however, if I've been using the computer then she switches to her account to check something, then I swipe to change back, "Hello" changes to my picture and name but tells me the password is incorrect.

At that point, we're stuck. Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't do anything. I don't have an option to use my password. If she swipes, it will change back to her picture and name, but tells her the password is incorrect also. Each of us in turn swiping results in the same problem, no matter how many times we try.

The only solution is to shut down the computer and reboot. At that point everything works normally again for a while. If this was an "every time" problem it would be bad, but since it only happens every 5 or 6 times we switch users, it's even more annoying.

Using build number 10240. I can't find any other reports of similar issues. Anyone have an idea?