Override TrustedInstaller ownership...?

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    Windows 10 Pro 1909

    Override TrustedInstaller ownership...?


    Before Windows update, I disabled Cortana by entering "AllowCortana" with value '0' in Registry then renaming the Cortana folder in SystemApps.

    When doing the update I forgot the renaming of the folder, so now got two Cortana folders in SystemApps.

    I have tried to get permission and taking ownership over 'TrustedInstaller' to delete the renamed old Cortana folder, but the things I have tried does not work. I have read a couple of guides, but it is clearly over my head.

    Could someone please help me out.


    - - - Updated - - -

    I've figured out that I can delete one by one bottom subfolders and containing files by giving my user 'Full Control' in "Group or user names" after giving ownership to my user in "Advanced Security Settings". But even if applying to 'This folder, subfolders, and files' giving all 'Advanced Permissions' to top folder this does not allow deleting top folder, C:\Windows\SystemApps\....Cortana... folder in my case, and subfolder with files in one go. I have to go to every single subfolder and so on...

    Edit: Forgot that I also set my user as 'Principal' in "Advanced Security Settings".

    Could someone please enlighten me or help me out?

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  2. Samuria's Avatar
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    windows 10

    Over ridding Override TrustedInstaller is dangerous

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    If you try and take ownership of anything that is presently in ownership of Trusted Installer, please be assured that mayhem will result.
    That is not too strong a word.
    Updates for instance 0n the various system files are in ownership of Trusted Installer
    and it is only the trusted installer that has full permissions
    Trusted Installer is of course actually the Windows Module Installer service and is responsible not only for updates but basically the system files as a whole and therefore apps etc.

    Reading your post it is impossible to actually know what you have done, as of course in addition to Cortana you have also you say set user a principle in Advanced Security settings.
    My advice is two fold

    1. Stop trying to change settings you do not really know sufficient about. THAT I appreciate may sound a little sharp, but it is not meant that way - it is the best advice I can offer to you.

    2. You can try all manner of possible fixes including system files checks, deployment imaging servicing components repairs, but if it was me I would repair install windows 10
    Hopefully all will stay the same as now from the aspect of your personal data.
    I will attach the Tutorial in a minute or so - here for you
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade
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    Windows 10 Pro 1909
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    Thank you to both of you Samuria and Macboatmaster! And thank you very much for your elaborate answer Macboatmaster.

    I would like to emphasize that the 'Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy.OFF' became a superfluous folder with subfolders and files after Windows Update doing an update making a new folder with the original name. So it is only the old "OFF" folder with it's subfolders and files that I have changed ownership and permssions with, and that I am trying to delete.
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  5. Macboatmaster's Avatar
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    10, 8.1, 7 and XP all Professional versions


    Apart from trying this
    Reinstall and Re-register Cortana in Windows 10

    my only other suggestion is to try the repair install.
    I am obliged to you for your kind comment
    And thank you very much for your elaborate answer Macboatmaster.
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    Windows 10 Pro 1909
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    Thank you Macboatmaster.

    If I'm not misunderstaning your perspectives, I see that I might have been unclear in my presentation. If so I appologize. To my knowledge the Cortana installation is working fine. My only problem is that I have an old superfluous renamed duplicate Cortana folder which is of no use since Windows Update has installed a new Cortana folder with the original name. The way I have interpreted this is that Windows Update noticed that there was no Cortana folder there, because I had renamed it, and therefore just installed the updated version in a new folder. So my intention with my request has only been to find out if there is a way to delete old main folder, subfolders and files in one go.

    So what I have done now is to go every single subfolder deleting them one by one. A slow process with at the moment only the Assets and four subfolders left

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    First thing to do is to make a reliable system backup to an external device, and disconnect the device - this procedure can cause issues

    There is one system user that has higher rights to those of Trustedinstaller ... The hidden Administrator

    Enable the hidden administrator and log in as this user, once logged in you should be able to take ownership of the old Cortana folder, you may need to "break" the chain of ownership of trustedinstaller manually from the folder above the one you are attempting to remove by changing the ownership "Apply to Subfolders" - this is usually only needed if there system is seriously "confused" from what it should be and is normally a simple check box - once you have ownership of the old cortana folder and it's sub folders the deletion is the simple Delete command on the folder
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    10, 8.1, 7 and XP all Professional versions

    I see that I might have been unclear in my presentation
    No, you were clear in what you had done. I think that registering MAY detect the reanmed Cortana folder and sort the problem. However I may well be wrong

    I suggest that you FOLLOW the advice from Barman58
    and ONLY if that does not work out for you, and then my suggestion does not work, you repair install windows as per my link.
    That I am 99% certain would sort it.
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    Hi Barman58,

    Thank you very much for your reply. When you wrote 'hidden' I assume that you are referring to the disabled 'elevated' administrator account.

    For the record, I found this tutorial: Enable or Disable Elevated Administrator account in Windows 10

    Again thank you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks Macboatmaster!
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  10. Barman58's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 2004 - 19041 - 264 XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1 in VM for testing

    You are correct, I use the term hidden to separate the Master admin account from the standard admin account there is a number of layers that can cause issues but they are there to protect us the users from accidentally doing to much damage to the system .

    This is a basic top down list
    Hidden Administrator
    Trusted installer
    Normal admin account and system accounts
    Logged in local standard users
    Logged in remote standard users

    The trusted installer is there to try and prevent Malware attacks from doing damage ... the malware can only use the rights of the user that they take over when the access the system, as the normal admin is running as a normal user most of the time this stops much damage as a normal user cannot access system areas. However if the Malware infects a regular admin account when it is in the elevated state of UAC then it can do far more damage. The Trustedinstaller is a special user level above the normal admin to prevent the malware from doing application damage.

    The "hidden" administrator is the top level of access and control and should only be used for occasional isse repairs where the system security would prevent, it should always be hidden again after use, if is also a good ide to give it a password ( secure 30+ Character and stored separately from the system) to close the loophole that Microsoft missed when they did not assign a password by default
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