Hi there, new member big problem.

I recently upgraded to Win 10 Pro and things have been going very smoothly until I jumped the gun on something and made a big mistake.

I have been using my Windows Live e-mail and password to log-in to Windows. I read an article this morning regarding an update which has been giving people issues (KB3081424) with a boot loop and offered a solution. I foolishly applied this solution before even installing the update and it has led to me being unable to log-in to Windows at all using my normal password. Article here.

I have tried:

Changing my password via accounts.live.com/password/reset. No dice.

Holding shift and restarting to access various recovery options. No good because they all ask for my now defunct password.

Using Hiren's Boot CD to try and change my password with ntpwedit. Didn't work. Still asks for password and it still doesn't work.

I am about out of ideas of what to try and it appears my deletion of the ProfileImagePath keys may have seriously mucked things up.

Can anybody help me out? I'm about at my wit's end.

-stonecold (feeling stupid)