I'm just moved from Windows 7 to 10 so I'm still trying to sort out all the changes (did the Upgrade option of not saving anything). I just can't figure out this login thing though. We have two User Accounts on my desktop PC and the way we had it on Windows 7 was that once you rebooted it gave you the option of either account... no login was required so very simple.

So setting up Windows 10 it gave me my User account and then I went to "Family & other Users" and set up my wife as an additional Admin User. Is there anyway to have it like it was with Windows 7 with no login for either User?

As a compromise I tried running the netplwiz and experimented with that but I can't seem to set it like I want. If I leave it checked so each user has to login I suppose that would work since I also set a Pin for mine which isn't too bad I guess. So if I could set a Pin for the other User account I could live with it but I don't see an option to do so?