Windows username descrepancy between 2 pc's  

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    Windows username descrepancy between 2 pc's

    So i just realized via some tinkering that between my 2 pc's, the username is different on one of them for some reason.

    they both are logged in via the same microsoft account, both c:\users\ folders have klepp as the username.

    however i was exporting a task from one to the other and became aware that one showed the user as klepp0906 and one as klepp.

    I did a net user and whoami from the command prompt and both showed their respective usernames and they were in fact different.

    how? i have no idea since i created them both and id never use klepp by itself. Matter a fact i was appalled when I found out windows took it upon itself to cull the numbers from the end of my username for the users folder waaaaay back when.

    That being said - where/how would I go about addressing this? Is it even possible?
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    From my experience you can change the "name", but the folders will cause what I would a severe headache. For me to change the user folder, I created a new account and deleted the old one. Brink has a tutorial on this:

    Change Name of User Profile Folder in Windows 10

    I did not go with that route ^^. It may be easier that way, instead of what I did.
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    yea i was just scrounging around here looking for a way to delete the thread. I figured it out. Wasnt looking for a way to change the userfolder name. thats a mess i dont care to get into for sure. I figure windows culls it to 5 characters, so be it.

    Anyhow, the solution was simple. I changed from my microsoft account to a local account, and gave it the name klepp0906. logged out of the local and back into the microsoft account, and suddenly whoami now shows klepp0906 and the author of all my tasks changed to show that as well. #shrug lol.

    as for the user folder, i wont lie. im tempted as this has always shown "klepp" on both pc's. I'm afraid of some far flung ramifications. whether it be some build environment that decides to give me heck over it, or some portable software that saves its settings to the user folder that references the actual path (which will have changed).

    tempting though!
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    I had the same exact thoughts on the folder name change. I figured it would be easier to just redo the few apps/programs I use with a new account. Now I remember when clean installing to make sure and use a local account during setup. Using the MS account, it will take the first 5 characters which made mine look lol. Good luck if you try to change it. Glad you got the name sorted out.
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    see thats the difference with me. This windows install is years in the making. So custom that if i ever lost my backup image (i keep like 5 flung all over just in case lol) i'd probably give up pc's for life :P

    I have a plethora of softwares both installed and not. Youve got the wheels turning now though :P I'm thinking ill wait until post tomorrow mornings backup and give it a stab lol. If it creates a ruckus ill just roll back.

    no way to be 100% sure as i cant try EVERYTHING but some guys on the microsoft forums had good things to say about brinks method.


    Anyhow, thanks for the link to the tutorial and planting the seed :) Hopefully i dont come to loathe you and regret this conversation :P lol
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