I suggest creating a new password-protected Admin local account so that's Option 1.
- The new account must have a different name to your existing account - no two accounts can ever have the same name
- Then make it an Admin using Change Account Type - TenForumsTutorials
[Accounts are standard at the point of making them but it only takes a few moments to change them to Admin]

I do not recommend re-using one password for another thing. If one gets compomised then they all are.

You should not delete anything
- You merely disable the Built-In Admin not delete it
- You use Barry for all day-to-day work
- You keep the new spare Admin in case Barry ever gets corrupted [this does happen].

Your MSAccount is entirely independent of all local accounts - your existing one & the one you are going to create. I also have an MSAccount but I only use it for email; the accounts on my computer are all local accounts.