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    User Question.


    I have a query regarding how users are seen in W10.

    When I look in C\users there are the standard users, public, default and my user name but not my admin user name.

    When I look in the Task Manager there is my other admin user as set up with Microsoft which is what I have logged into the PC with.

    I do not understand how that works am I using my local user name or the Admin one that I logged in with?

    When I use the Task Scheduler it only displays my local user name not my Admin name that I am signed into the PC with even although I have opened the scheduler as Admin!!

    If I also look in the User Accounts app there is only my Admin (Microsoft) account.

    Any idea why that is, please?

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    The actual full-powered Administrator is hidden by default. What is normally seen is a User with Administrative rights, can do almost as much as the hidden one. Standard User can't make many changes.
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    Arnak said:
    Any idea why that is, please?

    The first account you created was a local account. When I install Windows, I start with a local account, "John". It is an administrator account. That establishes my user account name as John, which is the way it appears in C:\Users. Then you "converted" the local account to a Microsoft account, by entering your Microsoft account user name and password. When you did that, you did not change the underlying user account created, all you did was change the way that you log in to it. I changed my account to my Microsoft account, My underlying user account that was created first did not change - it is still user name "John", but the way that I log into that account changed.
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    Having seen both your questionsTask Manager Problem
    User Question
    I now believe that the user identity question is merely a misunderstanding and that there is no fault at all.

    But what did you mean by, "When I look in C\users there are ... my user name but not my admin user name"?
    - What is your "user name"?
    - What is your "admin user name"?

    When you are logged in using your "admin user name", open a cmd window and run the cmd whoami then post the response.

    When you are logged in to an MSAccount user account, Windows uses a shortened form of the full MSAccount name [often just the first 5 characters of the MSAccount full name]. That shortened form is used to name the folder within C:\Users. Is this, in fact, what is causing the confusion?

    That shortened form is also what is reported in response to the cmd
    net user
    and the only report of the full MSAccount name is in response to
    net user marti

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    user Problem.

    Hi Try3,

    Aha! That explains what happens!

    Whoami returns marti.

    To me, that is a very confusing way of doing things as it is not at all clear which user I am logged in as, although I understand it now.

    The odd thing is still what happens when I attempt to make certain changes to a task in the task scheduler.

    As the author of the task is shown as marti then when I wish to make certain changes to the way the file runs it asks for a password which is not accepted, I assume because marti is not being seen as the admin user with the full name, if so why not?

    Does this mean that I have to setup passwords for both marti and admin in the local accounts section in order to make changes to the way a task runs?

    If I attempt to do that I get the warning box so I have not attempted to set those passwords yet as I am not sure if it is safe to do so?

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    marti is "being seen as the admin user with the full name". Whatever the cause of the problem is, it is not that.
    You cannot "setup passwords for both marti and admin" because they are the same user account.

    I do not get asked for passwords when I change tasks because I always run Task scheduler as Admin so that I have the authority to make changes. If you do not do so already then try it.
    - I cannot remember details because it was years ago but I do recall that I started always running it as admin because, like you, I could not get it to accept passwords on individual task changes.
    - To always run as admin, create a shortcut to C:\Windows\System32\taskschd.msc then right-click, select Properties, click on Advanced ... and set the 'run as admin' checkbox.

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    Hi Try3,

    Thanks again for your help.8-))

    I have done as you suggested and everything is now working perfectly, I assume it will be fine again tonight.

    What I believe I was doing is I was hitting the wrong key in my password when I entered it....8-((

    The password is now being accepted perfectly, so I am putting it down to a Senior Moment rather than admit it was a PEBCAK error!

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