We have been trying to remove the password upon starting a computer at work because it seems to be interfering with our network hard drive visibility and kaspersky. I tried 4 different methods listed on this forum that did not work or I was not able to complete. Then saw a post about creating a new user and switching the admin to it to log in without a password. What I didn't understand was that it was creating a child account. I did it at work and am now at home trying to figure our what I did and how to fix it so bear with me. I used some kind of sysprep command if that helps. When creating the new (child) account I used the same email and account information as the former administrator. When going into settings, accounts, the only account I see is this new child account as admin. I need to A. make this and adult account again and B. load kaspersky and make sure it can access our network hard drive. Also, is there any way to recover a couple pictures that were on the original admin adult account? Advice please?