I am not the "default" user

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    I am not the "default" user

    This is as much my fault than it is who helped me before "Carbonite". Anyway, the file path (if that is correct terminology) basically shows C:\Users\***\Documents et al
    The "***" is not my name but an old folder that a level 2 tech made while he worked on my file mess, I had multiple duplications, folders in folders, jpeg in documents, photos, other than the originals, having date and characters in front.
    I have re-installed window by resetting it. I will not loose any of the documents or photos as they are in the almighty cloud.
    Hoping someone knows what I am meaning so I'll sto. If I keep on going my file mess while begin to sound like comedy routine. Even a factory rest won't solve problem as "Carbonite" simply put the files as they are stored.
    I have talked to "Carbonite" 4 times this year. They now have policy of "we cannot touch or move anything on your back-up".
    Their answer to solving the problem is literally for me to take my desktop to "The Geek Squad at Best Buy"
    I just want to be the default user on document and photos.
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    Hi, my guess is that you should consider creating a new user, and then methodically copy your personal files and folders to where you want them to be. When that's complete, delete your existing user and all unwanted folders.

    With the information you've given, it may well not be worth trying to sort out your existing account.

    My preference is to keep as much personal data off the Windows partition and not in the default folders. I.e. create my own folders on either another partition or disk and use those.

    This means O/S maintenance does not affect personal data.

    (Carbonite appears to be a cloud backup service)
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    New User.

    In making a new user account, manually copy the files and then deleting the existing account sounds easy enough
    but is it going to cause me administrator problems? I am only user pf computer and have myself set up as local administrator and no one else is listed or in Control panel shows up beside by real first name (non-microsoft e-mail) The mysterious other user only shows up when I see a file path no matter what drive.
    Thanks for you help so far
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    Add Local Account or Microsoft Account in Windows 10

    You can create the new account as an admin account too.

    It sounds as if someone has renamed your user profile folder.
    (Under C:\Users\ .....)
    Is that what you mean?

    If so, begs the question as to whether that was done correctly (non-trivial).
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    User Profile.

    You are correct that C:\Users"My name" is what I am wanting the system to show and do.
    It was probably did it as I was moving files around, eventually deleting etc.
    My cloud service which is big here in the states did move a lot of things around for me and then told me how to finish up. I obviously did a poor job.
    My file system was originally such a mess I had file path like this: C:\G:\Bob\C:\pictures\rdstr\pictures,Bob\documents etc.
    So getting back my username on my document and photos is all I care about.
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    Hi, I reiterate: create a new account. I have provided the tutorial.
    Note that the way the user profile folder is named is not under your direct control.

    However, there is a way. This article helps you plan how to have a user profile folder name as you want it to be.
    Windows 10 tip: Customize your user profile folder name | ZDNet

    Let me be clear. If you simply renamed your user profile folder, this will have created a situation for that account I don't think you'll recover. I am not going to try to help you recover your existing account - it would be a waste of our time.

    When you create a new account, immediately check your user profile folder name is as you want it.
    If not, you can delete the account and try again.

    Once you have the new account set up, you will need to make sure you have startups running as they were, and all programs available. This may not be so easy- there are two aspects: the Store apps, and programs you have downloaded and installed.

    Consdering the latter- these are installed either for the current user- or for all users. That's a typical installation option. Some you may need to reinstall.

    You will need to make careful comparison between the old and new accounts- using screenshots of the startups and start menu of the old account and then comparing those with what you see in the new account will help.

    Once you have that configured as you wish, then transfer other files.

    However the far better way is not to have your personal files and folders on C: at all. Why? If they are on, say, D: (and not in relocated default folders) they are independent of Windows maintenance, and you wouldn't be in this predicament as regards these now.

    Just to show you that renaming a user profile folder is non trivial please see
    Change Name of User Profile Folder in Windows 10
    I am not suggesting you try that.
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    Klutzy Here.

    Am finally beginning to understand what you are saying its just that I am slow in putting it into use.
    I created the second account. But i'm stuck on changing my Local account to standard because the button account. My new account is Administrator. This is my task for this evening.
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