The Windows 10 v.1809 had been updated to v.1903. The system has two physical drives, one for Windows (C), the other is for data (E).

After the v.1903 update, everything seemed normal, standard user accounts had no issues with accessing the "E" drive and the folders on this drive.

On the other hand, a member of the Administrators group logs in and gets an access denied error message to a single folder, where most of the data resides, no issues with accessing other folders on the "E" drive.

Without changing the security settings for folder in question, logged out the admin and logged in with the standard user account. Looking at the security of the folder in question shows, that the standard user account is the owner of the folder and the administrators group has full access to folder, including the admin account that logged in previously.

The drive imaged by Reflect on a daily basis and it is backed up (verified), including the the folder in question.

Since the security settings show correctly the desired access, how would you go about restoring the correct security settings, for the admin account loging?

Yes, the admin account could take ownership of the folder in question, but that's not the goal. The standard user account should stay the owner of the folder.


- - - Updated - - -

The standard user account viewing the security permission sees this:

Folder security after 1903 update...-user-logged-in2.jpg

Yes, the actual folder, Local PC and standard UID names had been changed.

After the access denial, the admin logged in sees this:

Folder security after 1903 update...-folder-property.jpg

The "Advanced" setting for the admin shows this:

Folder security after 1903 update...-admin-advanced-property.jpg

Through the "Effective Access" tab, selecting the standard UID and the Admin show the correct access rights settings, which is "Full Control".

Within the "Data" folder, there are 40-50 other folders with some of them with different security settings. The admin account could be removed and added again, it would be recursively, which is not desirable in some cases.

Is there a way to bring back the previous security settings?