So I had this problem where I was trying to disable the requirement to enter a password at logon. In searching for a way to do this I also had a strange situation where on the log on screen I had two accounts - both had the same name but one had my email under it, the other did not.

I used the netplwiz method to disable password entry requirement but the logon screen still appeared and asked for password, and still showing the two accounts. I looked at the local users and groups snap in console and noticed there was my account plus a "homegroups" login account. I figured the homegroups login was responsible for the extra account, so i disabled it.

The extra account was still showing up, so I decided to disable what was showing up as my own account in the local users and groups snap in as it was the only one left in the list. Now I cannot log in to the computer at all.


I was able to log in again after using safe mode to re-enable the accounts.

Still stuck on how to disable the password login requirement