Hello everyone!

I have been using Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit before, always with the built in Admin account. I have tried out Windows 10 awhile back with a clean install just to get used to it, and already noticed the issue that enabling the built in admin account would result in some errors.

1. After enabling it in Win 10, UAC would still be activated.
2. Metro Apps wouldnt function anymore
3. The search windows tool would randomly stop working
4. Access to to other internal hdd partitions is slower compared to a newly created local user account with admin rights.

I have been able to fix 1 and 2. I can fix 3 by reindexing, pausing the service and restarting it. 4 I havent been able to find a solution.

Well of course I could just let it be. Disable the the built in admin, and just use my own account with admin rights. I dont want to settle without understanding why it has become such a problem though.