So I originally started with a local account but then signed into the store with a MS account. I changed the setting where users are required to enter a password through netplwiz (like this) and making a password not required after waking from sleep. But after doing this and restarting/shutting down, I'm not automatically logged in like I should be, instead I'm presented with a login screen saying the password I entered was incorrect, even though I haven't even entered one yet, as well as two accounts showing up in the bottom left (like this).

It's acting like the local account is still there and is attempting to log me into it. I've looked in the Users folder, it's just the default, mine, and public. Under accounts in control panel it's only mine that shows up. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

Using win10 Pro, this was a clean install.

EDIT~ Just solved it :s

Hit the winkey and type "netplwiz" and hit enter.
If you have the box "Users must enter a username and password..." unchecked, check it and hit apply, otherwise don't do anything.
Now uncheck the same box and hit apply again, now in the new window that pops up, change the username to your microsoft email that you used to sign into the Windows Store. For the password put in your MS email password.
Once you've done that hit Okay and restart, it should automatically log you in like normal.

By default the box has the original local account name which is what screws things up.