Dell laptop keyboard malfunctions Solved

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    Dell laptop keyboard malfunctions

    Sometimes but not always, when I try to log on to admin account, the password is not accepted. I have gotten it to work after entering it 5 times - I was told maybe keyboard is sick but it works for my standard account log on so don't think it is. System only 5 months old. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Have you got an external keyboard. If so try it.

    If not borrow one and try.

    (If you need to buy one they are some really cheap ones out there. )

    You could try creating another Admin account and see if problem persists.

    You didn't say but would be good to know.... are both accounts local? If not which one is a Microsoft account?
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    I do not have another keyboard. and don't really want to buy one. So what you are saying is if it is a sick keyboard, I will have to use an external one. Sheesh. I am going to contact Dell and see what they have to say. I will try another admin account. Thanks for the thoughts.

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    part 2 - I don't know about local. They are msn addresses for my email - so can't answer that. I think they are local but don't know for sure. Thanks..
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    Sounds like they are both MS accounts, both being email addresses.

    What I was trying to do is determine if this is a keyboard acting glitchy or Windows.

    Be interested in hearing if problem moved to new Admin account.

    Keyboards in laptops can be replaced at a good price.
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    If it works one place but not the other then its very unlikely that the keyboard is bad. But, as its still under Dell warranty you will have to contact Dell Support as they are the only ones that can get it corrected under warranty, if it is bad.
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    Use Notepad and check for every Key press obviously whatever you use for a password, others as well.
    This is basically to check keys whether they are registering correctly i.e. good contacts.

    Usually it is user error, as you just get asterisks or whatever displayed it is easy to do. Happens to me often.

    I have recently had to replace my Laptop keyboard after 4 years due to heat damage to some keys in the warmest area of the keyboard, only a few degrees but that was enough with presumably poor contact materials.
    As already mentioned, I checked that with an external USB Keyboard.
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    I have contacted Dell and they said to use my mail in warranty and get it fixed. Might as well as I would like to avoid problems in the future. Thanks to all for thoughts. Most appreciated.
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    I really am annoyed that I am faced with sending this laptop to Dell for repair. 10 days to 2 weeks they will have it. Obviously I will then have to reinstall all my programs etc. PC only 5 months old.

    I just did the key check as recommended by Helmut and all keys hit appropriately. Also, I just installed a program and had to enter admin password - it worked fine. I guess if I want to avoid sending it out for repair, I could purchase an external -- or have this one repaired. Is that repair something a home user could do? We were able to fix an all in one that had failed so have a little expertise. Took it all apart following a utube video. Power switch had failed but it's been ok for the last couple of years. Anyway, would like your thoughts on this posting. Thanks very much.
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    Create a new user account - a local one with Admin status.

    Add Local Account or Microsoft Account - TenForumsTutorials
    Change Account Type - TenForumsTutorials

    Use it and see if it has any problems. If it remains alright then you can conclude that the problem is definitely caused by Windows or your MSAccount not your Dell hardware [especially since your other existing account also seems to behave itself].

    When you reach this stage, post back here and give us a list of your accounts, which ones are MSAccounts & which ones are Admin accounts. You can find all this info in Settings, Accounts, Your info and Family & other users. If you are sensitive about privacy then use false account names but do make sure the details are correct.

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    I like Denis's idea.

    Should this turn out to be hardware.

    Modern laptops can be difficult to enter. A youtube video could exist which will help but even buying the proper pry tools adds to the expense. Watch as you pry around shell as gear is located right up to edge. Also watch where you pry, right over USB ports can snap in an instance.

    If you do the work yourself and depending how they sealed it you likely will void your warranty. So you may gain entry really easily and you could swap out keyboard with no issues only to find a motherboard failure in six months that Dell will reject as someone has tampered with.

    I've replaced a keyboard on an older device. Entry was easy and warranty was long expired.
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