I want: Highest User Rights, No safety or Access messages/Denials

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    I want: Highest User Rights, No safety or Access messages/Denials

    Hello guys,

    doesn anyone know how to get Full Rights in Windows 10?

    Rights to everything, something that says "every rule of safety is deleted for you".
    Access to every folder, Subfolder, ability to delete everything, no matter of what file.

    Is there any guide out there? Or how many steps are there?

    I know the step to the Local Admin, disabling UAC, disablign Firewall and Defender,
    but still getting messages of things I can't do or just weird Program messages, when it doens't know
    what happened, because there is some deep safety rule.

    Right now Iam using MSMG tool to minimize my windows Version, and it won't allow
    to delete the windows files. But also while running the Program I get the message of things with "Access denials".

    I would find it cool to know what to do in all those cases of Access Problems and how
    to avoid them completely or how to deactivate everything for the moment you need.


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    Welcome to the forum. The windows is owned and controlled by system which is above admin it's there to keep the system safe so you can't mess it up. You can't become system so there is no simple way to do what you want and many people who try brick the PC.
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    Windows wasn't designed to work that way. It would require changing security attributes on many folders. This would compromise security and have other issues as well. I have heard of attempts at doing this. They generally don't end well. Usually after considerable difficulty they end up reverting to the normal configuration.
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    Okay thank you for your answeres :))
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    Boot from a live linux DVD/USB flash drive. You can delete to your heart's content.
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    Yes you can elevate to God rights, which I do when I need to.

    There's a handly little program called NSudo that allows you to open a command shell or run scripts as Trusted Installer. I use that to do things to the registry where I'd have to change permissions there otherwise. You can also use it for file operations that would not be accesible in the admin group.

    You can eliminate prompts for rights elevation on file operations by shutting off LUA and UAC. With LUA disabled admin group can modify any file on the system provided write privs are assigned. Shutting off LUA requires a registry tweak as follows;
    Probably not a good idea to leave your system in that state full time as any program run with admin rights could delete all files with write access for the admin group. Sort of equivalent to running around a Unix system logged in as root.
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    Use at your own risk. Power Run x64. Run anything as TrustedInstaller.

    PowerRun v1.3 (Run with highest privileges)
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    Thank you alot you both! That is what I was looking for ! :)
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    heni63 said: View Post
    Thank you alot you both! That is what I was looking for ! :)
    You're welcome. Just use a good dose of common sense.
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    Yeah it's bit like living dangerously, just have to be aware of what could happen if you fatfinger something or inadvertently do a del /s *. Also can allow virus to be a lot more destructive.

    Kind of comical, I've actually done that by accident on a unix system as root (rm -r *) where the system promptly blew up, but it was just a test box, would never be that careless on a system in actual use.
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