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Almost the same, but still has more access rights.
It would still depend on the owner and access permissions of the folders even for the built-in Admin, but usually it can access most.
Okay. I like having as many rights for my computer as possible, so i think im going to go for it.

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Yes, it is but what you're missing is what 'Bree' pointed out ... that viruses, malware and ransomware can install themselves, without Your permission, by bypass the UAC or Smartscreen warnings. That's one purpose of the hidden Admin, to give anybody or anything, including bad guys, full rights to do anything to the computer. If that doesn't matter to you, then go for it.
The last time i had a virus was 4 years ago. It basically screwed all my files on my computer. But since i got my files backed up on a separate usb memory stick, it shouldnt be a problem i guess?