I cannot login with ms account in windows 10. 100gb data lost?

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    windows 10 pro

    I cannot login with ms account in windows 10. 100gb data lost?

    First of all my specs


    Hp Probook 470 G5

    Windows 10 Professional 1803 10.0.17134.407

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz

    Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620


    8 GB


    The laptop was provided by my new job about mid April 2018. I am computer savvy so I was able to set it up and our external it partner just installed our erp software and office licences / network printers. Also he set it up to use a company nas. We do not have active directory.

    The chain of events begin with the 1803 update that made the laptop freeze and got me blue screens (about end of april-start of May (haven’t seen them like years).

    I was almost sure there was a hardware problem and to my relief it was a combination of intel ssds (google intel 600p) with 1803 that was to blame for the behavior. (1)Unfortunately until I was able to figure it out I decided to reset laptop in factory default using the build in partition .Keep in mind that I had my MS account associated with the laptop BEFORE the reformat/new installation as well AFTER.

    (2)Also I change the setting of ms update from Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) to plain semi-annual in the new configuration of the machine. That was a preventative measure so as so not to have any problems in the future.

    The new installation occurred at May 14.

    All went well until monday 5 of November. And here how the fuel of nightmare begined to manifest.

    I closed my pc as always Friday 2 of November to take it home with me. (I can work partially from home sometimes). I didn’t notice any updates going on and just shut it down. The only new think I did that day (besides my daily routine) was to install a network barcode printer and get drivers for him (TLC brand).

    As I said above I have a ms account associated with the laptop BUT I NEVER had to put any password to login. I had set it (if I remember correctly) to auto login and don’t ask for one.

    Begging Monday as always I brought the laptop back from home (didn’t use it all) and opened it ONLY TO BE GREETED with a password login screen. My god I was not at all prepared of what would follow and the discoveries I made.

    I said to my self no problem it probably triggered with some update so I will put my ms account pass. WRONG! It dint work. I stayed calm and said no problem I will reset it…WRONG didn’t worked either …password incorrect and not a single option to sign in differently. I had no local account (since it was an ms account).

    Started troubleshooting and as mention in google tested old passwords …NOPE nothing…there is a password reset option underneath my login screen but THAT’S if you have already made a usb reset disk (I didn’t because I didn’t want a password in the first place)

    Im 100 sure that the password asked is from my MS account since it has my picture and my name exactly as it is in my Microsoft account.

    Now this is where it gets interesting. Im sure the laptop is online since I can find it with find my device PLUS recently it updated from 10.0.17134.345 to 10.0.17134.407 (I can see it in my ms account page plus at 19 of November it told me it need to update so im sure I have a valid internet connection)

    The reason it gets interesting is that to test how ms account respond I change my profile picture BUT to my disbilied it didn’t change the pic on the laptop. THAT is telling me that somehow although the laptop is connected to the internet …it doesn’t SYNC with the ms account which is ..well weird?

    So after all of this failed …back to our trusted safe mode or cmd right? WRONG

    THIS is where bitlocker came and ****ed my day up.

    You see at some point the drive was bitlocked. I struggle to remember when that happened but I sincerely tell you I don’t remember ever been asked for it.

    If you try to go in safe mode/resete pc / cmd it asks for a bitlocker sequence that supposedly gets save in ms account… TRUE AND WRONG at the same time! The bitlocker key I had to my ms account was from the first initiation of the machine dating mid April. The key from the second installation (may 14 …and the one I was asked for) was nowhere to be found.

    I was devastated since I tried every trick I could think of but the bitlocker encryption but it a halt.

    I hear you all say …no problem just reformat. I would but (and here is the cherry on top of the cake) I made the rookiest mistake of all. Days before the incident I saved in the laptop 100gb of family videos temporarily until I uploaded to the cloud. I also DIDN’T keep the original hard drive I had them into but low level format it to sell it. Yes I am that unfortunate.

    Those 100gb are my wedding / kids birthdays/ school plays etc. and as you may have guessed already…I don’t have them anywhere else.

    Its 26 of November and im struggling to finding something to keep my hopes alive. I have searched everything (azure included) but no key…I have putted every old password I can remember but nothing works.

    My only hope is that since I can go until winlogin and the laptop does have internet access I can somehow find a solution to get the data back.

    To be honest I am about to bit the bullet and do a reformat since I need the laptop for my work (im in a spare pc atm)…but I cant believe im that unlucky.

    So reddit any ideas?

    Why the POS windows ms account doesn’t work? Why cant it contact ms servers see the changed password and just let me ****ing login to the account …whats the point of having a ms account if it doesn’t SYNC with the net? WHY THE HELL bitlocker was enabled in my drive without me knowing it (im starting even to doubt myself now and telling that maybe It was my fault but I sincerely don’t remember activating or accepting anything remotely close)? Is there a chance with 1809 that the login problem will be fixed?? (although im in semi annual update circle meaning …easter until I see it)

    Any help I will personally name my 4th child after you (if I ever go for a 4th !)

    Thank you all for reading

    I have the same post in reddit but wasnt able to get any help. I know my situation is difficult but i sincerely have tried everything

    TLDR: windows 10 login with ms account failed/ cant use reset/cmd/safe mode due to bitlocker key password that I don’t have/ 100gb worth of precious family photos in the drive/ close to a heartattack.
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 Version 22H2

    Is there a chance you are part of a company Office 365 program and maybe your MS account is within that structure.

    You said you gave device over to IT partner, I would call them to see if policy dictates encryption. Maybe they have keys or access to account.

    Long shot at best.

    Once fixed I would really recommend you look at Macrium Reflect. A system image restore to last week would likely have been an option.
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    windows 10

    Can you login to another pc with ms account so you know password is correct. Do you know if the whole drive is encrypted or just some of it if its only some booting a linux dvd may give you access to photos.Is it possible the default admin account is there? Can you get it on the network and see if you can map a drive to it. I would guess you set it to auto login with the password which is stored in the registry and its checking that one you may be able to connect to the reg remotley on the network
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