Box properly unchecked yet must enter password each time...

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    Do you have Windows 10 install DVD or flash drive? If yes,
    boot it. At the first screen, press Shift+F10 to open a Command Prompt window. Locate your Windows 10 OS drive. Easiest way I've found to do this is use the dir command until you find the partition that has the Users directory on it.

    THANKS SO MUCH dear Ztruck, youíve gone through a lot of work to help me repair the sign in! ButÖwhile my Lenovo laptop (my Dell desktop is temporarily disabled) came with a DVD space and also a flash drive, I never burned any disks before. I do use the flash drive occasionally. Where do you find the Windows 10 OS drive?
    Also Iím not familiar with the many tech words/expressions in the instructions unfortunately, and yet I will try but it will take me some time.
    Another (easier) way would be to create a bootable flash drive of Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk from KYHI. Boot it then use the password reset tool to remove the password from your account.

    Yes, this method sounds easier but I donít know how to make a rescue disk - although I should learn to make it for my entire data someday soon. Iím thinking (if itís legal with you and of taking your great instructions to the Microsoft Store in NYC where they help tech dummies like me. Your instructions will make my appointment time there much shorter. Problem is it has to be done in person, so Iíllhave to see when Iím able to make it.
    At any rate, I thank you again so much for this very valuable info (which I'm keeping in my computer) and I will report back to you. J

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    Enabling the hidden Administrator account would be fantastic.
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    MeAndMyComputer said: View Post
    Enabling the hidden Administrator account would be fantastic.
    Thank you, but I am already an administrator.....
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    Adela, click on the link I gave you: Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk from KYHI

    That will have you download

    Win10XPE_1803R_180908_x64 NEW

    (which is actually
    Win10XPE_1803R_180908_x64 .iso) from the Mega file sharing site. It will take a while so be patient.

    1. insert a 4GB or larger USB flash drive into one of the USB ports in your computer. Note the drive letter assigned to it. Well use I: for the sake of these instructions.
    2. Open a Elevated Command Prompt by clicking on the Start Menu icon at the bottom left of the display, typing cmd then right clicking on cmd.exe at top left under Programs and selecting Run as Administrator.
    3. In the Command Prompt window, enter the following:
    a. diskpart (if you are asked for permission then you are not in a Administrator Command Prompt).
    b. list disk
    c. select disk # <- replace # with the actual disk number of the USB flash drive
    d. clean <- this will erase the disk selected above, make very sure you selected the USB flash drive!
    e. create part pri (create a primary partition on the flash drive)
    f. format fs=fat32 quick (format the partition as FAT32, do a QUICK format)
    g. active (set the partition as Active)
    h. exit (leave diskpart)
    i. exit (close the Command Prompt window)
    j. Mount the Win10XPE_1803R_180908_x64 .iso file you downloaded by right clicking on it and selecting Mount. Note the drive letter assigned to the mounted ISO file. Well use J: for the sake of these instructions.
    k. Copy all the files and folders from the mounted ISO file to the USB flash drive. You can do this from File Explorer by going to the Mounted ISO File (we said we would call it J:), opening it, selecting everything (Ctrl+A) then right click and select Copy. Next go to the flash drive (we said we would call it I:, may be different for you), selecting everything on the I: drive then right click and select Paste.

    When that's done you have a bootable WinPE Rescue flash drive that should be bootable on a BIOS.MBR or UEFI/GPT or MBR system.

    I hope that's all the instructions needed.

    Boot it then use the Password Reset tool to remove the password (set it to blank (null).
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    Adela said: View Post
    Thank you, but I am already an administrator.....
    You have an Administrator level account but that is not the same as the Hidden Administrator account. That is more like a super Administrator. As I showed, it can be used to make changes to the system, like remove your password which you cannot do if you don't know your password.
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    Adela, please verify
    Do you have a Microsoft account or a local admin account?
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