Hi, I have also posted this on the TN forums so apaologies if anyone is reading this a second time but the wider I cast the net and all that......

I have stumbled upon a big problem for me and wonder if it is a bug or by design.

I have a microsoft account that I was using for insider and testing and recently upgraded my machine to RTM. Machine is fine in every sense apart from one thing. I wanted to unlink my account and associate my account with a different Microsoft account.

Old account example [email protected]

new account example [email protected]

To do this I specifically wish to retain my actual account in Windows (i.e. same profile) as I have a lot of software and other things I don't want to set up again under a new profile. So...... I unlinked my MS account and converted the profile on my computer to a local account (e.g. name = foobar).

I then rebooted. Just to be sure I went in to [email protected] at login.live.com, went to the account settings and removed the machine from the list of devices associated with the account.

I then went into settings on teh machine and chose to link the account to a microsoft account. This time to [email protected]. It asked me for the password for the second microsoft account, asked me for my local account password and then told me that all was good and I had to logoff and back on again for it to take effect. I did so and low and behold the account associated with the profile is not [email protected] but has gone back to the original [email protected].

I rebooted and it's still the same. Even though I explicitly removed the account and also removed the association online it refused to link it to the other account and worse - it actually reassociated it with the old account. A major security concern for one and for the other thing it is most annoying that it seems that the only way to achieve what I want is to create a brand new profile on the machine and link it to the second MS account. This will therefore result in a lot of work, the loss of my profile cached information (that I want to keep), setting up multiple pieces of software that are linked to the "profile" such as my cloud storage.

Not good :-(

Anyone else have this problem?