Locked out of Windows 10 and No internet access to reset password

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    Microshaft win 10
       14 Jan 2016 #41

    strong arm takeover of my hardware should be illegal!

    altae said: View Post
    Have you got a Microsoft account? Is your Windows 10 account a local one or a Microsoft account? If it is a Microsoft account the login isn't the one from Windows 7 anymore, you have to enter the password from your Microsoft account.

    I'm sorry what is the difference? I don't use microsoft for ANYTHING besides the operating system of MY COMPUTER. I have already paid them for the OS on my PC. I recently upgraded to 10 from 8 (sensationally unusable) which was forced on me due to purchasing a new laptop. I was happy to hear that Win 10 was an improvement over 8 (almost back to superior Win 7) but no mention if this password takeover of MY PC.
    When I tried to login this morning much to my surprise my password didn't work! WTF? This is total BS from Microsoft. I use MY PC for mostly standalone work. IMAGES and TEXT. If I choose to get online that is my business, not microsofts! I use a flakey wifi and today I actually have to leave my home and go over to a friends house to use there PC just to be able to reset the @$&H& password so I could get past the login screen on MY PC! WTF!!!!. Sure you can google answers and spend hours looking around at all the different comments and workarounds including password hack programs that make this all completely irrelevant anyway but of course assuming YOU HAVE CONNECTIVITY AND AREN'T LOCKED OUT! (sorry not using my limited data plan and tiny screen to solve the problem you inflicted on me!)
    How incredibly STUPID this is and TOTALLY UNDERHANDED as it was never even brought to my attention during the upgrade.
    This is the equivalent of Samsung requiring me to create a samsung account and login to their network (that I would never use) just to be able to watch TV!!! THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. How can I cut the cord to microsoft for my laptop? I want nothing to do with them after this and I RESENT Microsoft for doing this to MY HARDWARE.

    I feel a class action lawsuit should be filed against them for screwing with peoples PC's without their authorization and wasting peoples time. I don't trust Microsoft with my system password to my PC and I want to remove all of my accounts with them. I had created an account YEARS ago when forced to to access MSDN. This is the last straw. I will never buy another microsoft product! I can't even imagine how pervasive this will be on numerous peoples systems I provide support to that are using older PC's. Is big brother microsoft going to change my admin logins to all my family members pc's too? TOTALLY DISGUSTED with this strong arm takeover of my hardware!!!
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  2.    15 Jan 2016 #42

    You say you cant get internet access yet you are online telling us.

    Anyway I had a similar problem when upgrading a laptop from Windows 8 to 10. Nobody knew the password. So I downloaded
    Hiren Discussion Platform . I booted from the cd, reset the password and I was able to boot to Win 8.
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    Microshaft win 10
       15 Jan 2016 #43

    >> You say you cant get internet access yet you are online telling us.

    Yes, duh, after having to leave my home and go to a friends house and use there computer I eventually found a solution. Always love having to be inconvenienced and waste my time just trying to use the product I bought because the MFG of the OS doesn't care how much time of mine they waste. Also, I will warn others - they also changed the name of my user account ON MY PC without my permission. EVERYONE should check all the default privacy settings that are all defaulted to SHARE ALL YOUR DATA. Nice Microshaft living up to the name! Now you can't even delay your windows update settings so if they screw up (as they have before) all home users will be screwed. Only business users (paying higher hostage fees )are allowed a delay when updates are rolled out. Welcome to the Micoshaft beta tester's team folks like it or not - you have no choice! Your data will be going back to them no matter what your privacy settings are. Google it!
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  4.    16 Jan 2016 #44

    cfoam said: View Post
    >> You say you cant get internet access yet you are online telling us.
    I apologize for saying that (I wasn't feeling good). But please try what I suggested. Take care.
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  5.    01 Feb 2016 #45

    Response to archaic post

    Jaxson said: View Post
    Did anyone resolve this? I reset my Microsoft acct. password but still can't get to start menu. Says I am offline but am sure I am connected. Wifi is working ok for my tablet.
    Had the same login problem. The problem was that the wireless was not (yet) set to connect automatically, as I was re-installing 10 & had move the comp to a new workgroup.

    The answer was to connect to the LAN/internet with an ethernet cable.
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  6.    03 Aug 2016 #46

    [QUOTE=altae;311505]Have you got a Microsoft account? Is your Windows 10 account a local one or a Microsoft account?

    My Windows 10 account? Local or Microsoft? You are referencing an unknown world to me, one I did not mean to enter. I do not know the answers or even what the questions mean, and if knowing is necessary to operate my computer I don't understand why.

    I have a computer that I updated to Win 10. It has a password I have always used that now does not work and is not asked for, at least not the time I got the message this thread complains of.

    If it is a Microsoft account the login isn't the one from Windows 7 anymore, you have to enter the password from your Microsoft account.[/QUOTE]

    By what right did Microsoft change the password to my computer? It doesn't really matter since it's done regardless, but it might help me to understand what is going on if you know the answer, some reason, some justification.

    How would I know if I have a Microsoft "account." What is it?

    The password that got me on is my email password. Nothing to do with Microsoft. I chanced to try that because the email was displayed on the lockout screen.

    What should my email password - which I was lucky to remember, as it is years since I've had to enter it - have to do with logging on to my computer??? This senseless behavior is new with Win 10, why???

    As I have so many - well over 100 - passwords I use a password program to manage them. Being locked out of that is a real stick in the eye. As I sit here right now I'm not sure I remember the email password!
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  7.    04 Aug 2016 #47

    Have you tried Hiren Discussion Platform Hirens Boot CD? It will reset password. I used it on one of my laptops and it works. Back up first
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  8.    04 Aug 2016 #48

    This is a good guide.

    How to Reset Your Forgotten Password in Windows 10

    For local logins (or if you cannot connect to internet) use method starting at

    Create a New User to Save Account Files.

    Done this several times for friends.
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  9.    05 Aug 2016 #49

    You might want to try the tutorial below and it worked for a few people I know but you do need a Windows DVD/USB

    Reset Windows 10 password without using third party tools
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