I have a series of laptops running W10 Professional that will be running in our different A/V rooms, and these laptops are on our domain. For security reasons Iíll want anyone using them to log on with their own domain userid, not a common one for each room. When they log on I want them to have a common desktop set of icons and other parameters to be set for that location as well, but Iím not sure how to do all that so Iím looking for some help. Hereís things Iíd like to have:

  • As I mentioned, they should have the same set of desktop icons. I assume I can put those in in the default user profile. Edge, though, pops up regardless and itís not in there.
  • I want them all to have the same logon timeout from inactivity, 15 minutes.
  • I want to have the text enlarged to a common percentage, as much as 175%, so that itís easy to read in the A/V room, but what Iím finding is that the text zoom percentage is at the individual user level, not the all user level, so I donít know how to set that up as a default.
  • We use Office 2013 and Iíd like that preconfigured for folks vs. going through a first time setup the first time they log in to the machine. Is that possible?

Any ideas on those, or how do other folks handle common workstation locations and user logins?