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  1.    19 Jun 2018 #1

    Login problems

    I am having to use my laptop to try and solve my wifeís login problems, we both normally login without passwords, thatís how we both prefer it.
    Lately however when she logged in she sometimes had to put in a password and sometimes not. This may be due to the surprising discovery that my wifeís now had 2 accounts on her laptop, an Administrator and hers, this may be due to the recent big Windows 10 update.

    I deleted the administrator account thus leaving my wifeís account, the aim being to have one just one account with her as the Administrator as usual.
    Unfortunately it hasnít worked out that way and now she canít login at all.
    At the login screen there are two accounts, the Administrator and wifeís. Both accounts cannot be logged into.
    My wifeís account continually comes up with password incorrect despite getting a new password by using my laptop.
    The Administrator account is the same, password incorrect but it then shows account disabled.
    I have been going round in circles and getting nowhere with Microsoft support, if only they would read all of the message in the first place, before passing it on to someone else who then passes it to someone else again.
    Any ideas please how to resolve this login problem?
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  2.    19 Jun 2018 #2

    Try our tutor to activate admin Enable or Disable Elevated Administrator account in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials

    When you say you login without passwords due you mean you dont have one or you have set it to auto login using the password?
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  3.    20 Jun 2018 #3

    I do have passwords, but there is a tweak that can be done that allows users to login without having to enter a tiresome password every time.
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       20 Jun 2018 #4

    Hello Pete,

    You could use Option One in the tutorial below to set Windows to automatically sign in to an account at startup, but I don't think this would be best in your situation with multiple users.

    Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup | Windows 10 Tutorials

    Instead, each user could add a 4 digit PIN to use to sign in to Windows 10 with instead of their password. This would be easier to remember and quicker to enter, while remaining secure.

    Add PIN to your Account in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials
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  5.    24 Jun 2018 #5

    Unfortunately I am unable to use any of the tutorial options as the administrator account and my wife’s account are both impossible to log into.
    Option 5 and 6 looked promising, because I can get into the RE trouble shooting page and then to command prompt, however there is a message “Not enough memory resources are available to process this command.”
    I have changed the boot sequence in an effort load my Windows 10 installation USB but that was unsuccessful.
    I did a system restore from the Windows RE blue screen page, It did restore but not properly, missing files, documents and emails.
    I tried to access safe mode from the RE page but it was unsuccessful.
    I have trawled the internet and everything I try is unsuccessful.
    I managed to start my 10 installation USB by using the RE page and then attempted the repair option but it was unsuccessful.
    The option “return to previous version of windows 10" was unsuccessful.
    All I want is to somehow enable the disabled Administrator account
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  6.    25 Jun 2018 #6

    Maybe you can use Kyhiís Bootable Rescue Disk to activate the built in Administrator account. Download the iso file (x86 or x64) whichever one applies to to your system. Extract the files to a bootable usb flash drive. You can also use Rufus to make the drive. Boot from the flash drive and bring up the Administrator command prompt.

    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk

    Once you have the command prompt up, you need to find the drive letter of your Windows partition. I donít remember what the prompt looks like on Kyhiís Disk. If it looks like this, X:sources> type c: and press Enter. Now the prompt should look like this C:\> At the command type dir and press Enter. The output should look like this

    <dir> Preflogs
    <dir> Program files
    <dir> Program files (x86)
    <dir> Users
    <dir> Windows

    If the output of C: does not look like the above you need to try D: drive. There are two ways to change from C: to D:
    Try this first, press Enter after typing the command.


    If that does not change to D:\> try this, press Enter after each command

    cd c:\

    Once you are at the D:\> drive type dir again and press Enter. Look for the output above. If you do not see it on D: move to E: To move from D: to E: type


    Once you are at the drive letter of your Windows partition, follow Option Five to enable the Administrator account.
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  7.    07 Jul 2018 #7

    I finally had to resort to a Windows 10 reset and I can now login to the Administrator account but still not into my wife’s Marion local account.
    The login page still shows the 2 accounts though, Marion and Administrator.
    When I look into the Explorer tree and then users, Marion is not shown as a user but all her folders etc are still available somewhere.
    In the Windows Old folder that is generated after a reset or reinstallation there is an Explorer tree with all the usual users, including the missing Marion. Is it feasible to take the Marion user folder from this Old folder and put it in the User folder where she is missing?
    I have previously done a successful transfer of an email storage folder.
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  8.    10 Jul 2018 #8

    I asked in my message above. " Is it feasible to take the Marion user folder from this Old folder and put it in the User folder where she is missing"
    Well I have not had any replies so I took a chance and did it, bingo it worked.

    Having done a Windows 10 reset I can now login to the Administrator account but still not into my wifeís Marion local account.
    So how do I to get rid of the elevated Administrator account and to just have a Marion local administrator account. Hopefully to be able to login with the administrator username and password.
    Any ideas please?
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       10 Jul 2018 #9

    Great news so far Pete.

    You can use any of the options in the tutorial below to disable the built-in Administrator account.

    Enable or Disable Elevated Administrator account in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials
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  10.    17 Jul 2018 #10

    All sorted.
    Eventually managed to login as the administrator, found everything which I then backed up and then did a reset, put the backed up stuff back to where it should be.
    Then did a clean reinstall to get rid of the 2 accounts, the elevated administrator and Marion account.
    All running fine now with just one local account with administrator privileges.

    Thanks for your time Pete
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