First sorry if this is in the wrong category Iíve been searching in the forums and online through every which search I could think of reset, refresh windows, clean install windows 10 and Iím very stumped as to why my profiles keep becoming corrupt or at least I think theyíre corrupt my background is black not the default wallpaper my start menu wonít open and I donít have access to the default taskbar icons the last tutorial I followed was to clean-install windows 10 from here I did get the last windows 10 build but everything still didnít work even trying to download anything from the web was impossible iexplorer would fail the download. Iím really lost as to what I could to reinstall windows 10 correctly.
My specs:
windows 10 i5-6402p 2.8ghz 120 go adata ssd 1tb WD hdd 7200RPM
8gb 2133 ddr4 ram